Tips to bring traffic to old blog posts

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Tips to Bring Traffic to Old Blog Posts

How to bring old blog posts back to life?

Millions of postings are made, yet only a few people view them before they are deleted. A lot of time and money has been squandered here.

If you don’t spread the word about your previous blog entries, your return on investment will be significantly smaller, so make sure to do so.

Blog entries that do not appear towards the top of the page are a waste of effort and money. Regardless of its age, content should still be indexed and placed well in search results. A well-written blog article may generate organic visitors.

If a new reader like your most recent post, you’ve only viewed 99 percent of your blog entries thus far. Do you believe they will get anything from reading them? They’ll like them if they’re nice postings. Your existing material can benefit both you and your new viewers. I’ll show you five strategies to attract more people to look at your previous blog posts before I show you how to gain more attention for them. First, I’d want to ask you a question.

Is it new or an old blog post?

Instead than concentrating on the expense, consider what is more effective. To be honest, this is an older blog article of mine.

Why? Because it has matured. The worth of a blog post is determined by the number of people that visit it over time as a result of its high search engine rankings. According to my blog traffic statistics, the most popular entries from the previous month receive a significant amount of visitors. Over the years, they’ve experienced an increase in social media shares, links, and traffic to their website. Expanding your blog and company is heavily reliant on the material you’ve previously created.

It is no longer possible to read past blog postings in the same way. Make a list of the blog entries that will have the most influence on your SEO.

Your blog’s archives, which contain all of your prior content, are the key to attracting more visitors to your site. In the long term, you’ll undoubtedly have a few old postings that want some attention. Even a minor increase in the amount of individuals reading your previous content on a daily basis might have a significant influence on how your site grows. Here are the ways you could consider taking to bring traffic to your good old posts.

Make A list of your potential posts

Make A list of your potential posts

To start, write down the URL or title of each blog post you’ve written.To do this, you can use your analytics package to do it.

People who use Google Analytics should go to “Behavior > Overview,” and then write down what they do there:

Right next to the top of the page, you’ll see a long list of your best posts. Towards the bottom right of the screen, a word says “view the whole report.”

If you do this, you will be able to see a more complete list of all of your old articles. Despite this, ten posts will be chosen in the beginning.

5,000 rows should be there when you get to the bottom of the page.

When you get back to the top of the page, click “export” again to save the file. Choose from one of the spreadsheet options in the drop-down menu, then click on it.

For your convenience, the data from Google Analytics has been put together in a spreadsheet.

Note the metrics of the blog posts

Once you’ve made a list of articles, double-check your data to make sure you have everything you need to do your project. As the last step in this process, the posts that are most likely to get organic traffic will be chosen. Decide how you want to get there in this phase.

Set up goal conversion monitoring in Google Analytics so that statistics on time on the page and the number of people who leave quickly appear in your spreadsheet.

If you want to know how many people have shared your material on social media, there are tools that can help you figure that out. You can look at many URLs at once, but most limit how many URLs can be scanned at once. If your site is big, using these custom methods in Google Sheets to get them all at once is the best way to do it.


Backlinks are another thing that you might want to think about. Your backlinks can go up if you track which posts have been the most popular and send people to those instead of the ones that haven’t.

This metric isn’t going to be very useful to you if you mostly made your connections by contacting the people who run websites. If you want to get a few more backlinks, you could use some paid bulk backlink checker, which costs a monthly fee.

It makes a spreadsheet with link data for each URL when you enter your URLs into the social checker. You might want to export this data before adding it to your main table.To figure out how many backlinks each URL in your spreadsheet has, multiply the total number of links to each URL by how many people have visited each URL. With the “backlinks/visitor” metric, you can see how the two sites are doing right now. You can see how much traffic and how well they are doing.

Add Pinterest-Friendly Images in your old posts

There’s a good chance that your blog’s style and look have changed over time. In order to get more attention on Pinterest, though, you should know how to blog. You should be able to use vertical photos instead of horizontal ones to get more attention.

To make your images look better, start with the ones that are the most popular first. So, we looked at the most popular posts on my site with Google Analytics. This is how we  did it. To add new, Pinterest-friendly photos that fit our current color scheme and language, the original 20-post list was changed to add new, Pinterest-friendly photos. Since then, we’ve been pinning them to my boards and walls. Our blog’s traffic has risen because of this.

Add Pinterest-Friendly Images in your old blog posts

Add more relevant keywords 

Keywords are critical in search engine optimization. It is the term that someone looking for it on Google would use. Make heavy use of your keyword throughout the text of your article to maximize the amount of visits to your site.

You may get an article titled “10 Ways to Travel on a Budget” by searching for the phrase “travel on a budget.” Additionally, the term “travel” is very broad. Because the term “travel” is too broad, you’d have to compete with a slew of other blogs. Ensure that your key phrase, such as “cheap travel,” occurs regularly throughout your piece. There is much more that can be done with keywords to improve your search engine rankings and the quantity of visitors to your site.

Link the new posts and old blog posts – as long as they’re related

Link the new posts and old blog posts – as long as they’re related

When you write a blog post that is more than a year old, you might have made a short statement that was then expanded on in a later post. There may be new posts that you can link to from your old ones. That’s good for both your readers and your blog’s traffic. They will get more information on a topic they care about, and more people will visit your site.

Update and rework your old content

“Recent Musings” and “Fun Friday Tips” look good, but search engine algorithms don’t care about them. Titles that include your keywords and make people want to click on them are very important if you want to be found by people who search for them. It’s not clear how to do it. Make a list of words that someone might type into a search engine to find your work.

How many of your early writings were not read because you only had three people to read them? People who write new blogs have a lot more trouble than people who keep their old blogs up to date. Rewriting and republishing victories that were not well-liked might be a good idea.

A long way has changed since your first posts. You’ve learned a lot. Existing articles need to be changed to reflect the new information that has come out. One that’s better and longer! Time to add some new things! You can get more people to visit your blog by revising and republishing old content that is still relevant.

Search engines

When search engines look at the web every day, they look for the most important things to find. Google punishes websites that have things like misspelled words or broken links. Take a look at your previous posts for typos and make sure your spelling is correct. Also, use a plugin like the one above to look for broken links on your site. Yes, you should fix them.

People process information in many different ways. Others only want a small amount of information or pictures. A single piece of information won’t be enough for everyone. Repurpose old content to reach more people.

When you write a blog post, make infographics, videos, and podcasts out of it. Give your SlideShare presentation to your audience and show it to them. Witty people are known for being short.

Rework the meta

Your title does not have to be a perfect match to your core keyword to be successful. The opening paragraph, on the other hand, should make it obvious what the work is about. As a result, incorporate your keyword or synonyms into your headline.

If required, utilize the same emphasis keyword in your Meta-description. In Google snippets, the first paragraph of an article is frequently displayed rather than the content’s description. As a result, make sure that the opening of the article clearly communicates the article’s substance.

Rework the meta

Update the quality links

Make sure your content has connections that come in and go out. Linking to other articles makes them more likely to show up in search engine results. There is more trust in your website and your content as a whole. All of these should be in your work. To get more traffic and build trust in your new content, add external links to it, like this:

It’s important to look for broken links on your own site. After that, you can fix the broken links and add them to your content, if you want. If you have the time and money, you can also fix the broken links on your website.

It’s a new way to show off your best content and connect your website. You can put together all of your best articles, case studies, and other publications.

A link list can be found here. The people who see your design won’t care if it doesn’t look very good. However, think about how people will use the site and make the links so that people can quickly find the information they need.


As a result, we hope you now understand how important your old blog posts were. Most of your money and time is spent on SEO and getting results.

In contrast, once you’ve made changes to your previous work, you’ll find a lot of new ways to use it. These articles can be used for a variety of things, like guest posts, e-books, widgets, and the “most popular posts” section of your site’s side bar.

Please tell us what you think. How did things go? I’d like to hear from you.

Table of Contents


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