The Best Content Submission Sites

The Best Content Submission Websites

The best content submission sites and services to increase your brand awareness. In our content submission tool, you find a content site list containing many niche websites that you can use for your social media.

You only log in once and you are able to publish on these content submission sites with almost instant approval and reach out to your target audience.

In your articles, you can add ‘DO-FOLLOW’ or ‘NO-FOLLOW’ quality backlinks, videos, and photos. When you published your article you can share it easily on Social bookmarking sites.

What is article marketing?

Every organization knows the importance of devising an SEO plan as it is of paramount importance to ensure that as many people as possible learn about what the organization is offering.

Exposure can never be emphasized strongly enough as it leads to more potential customers, and as a result, more sales and profits.

With more organizations basing their operations and SEO methods, content marketing has become more important than ever. It is an extensive branch, but one of its main areas is content submission.

Article marketing was used several years ago, but it has been taken to a whole new level lately since SEO and page ranking has become more critical than ever.

Moreover, with web search engine updates and the importance that is being placed on uniqueness, article publishing has become a more respectful and effective SEO tactic than it was a few years ago.

What is article marketing?

In a nutshell, article marketing refers to the process whereby advertising is carried out by means of the writing and distribution of content onto various platforms.

The main purpose is to advertise the organization and to do so you will need to focus on targeting as many people as possible.

This will increase the exposure of your brand and site, inform prospective customers of why they should purchase products or services from you, and also help you to establish yourself in the market. In order for article marketing to deliver the best possible results, however, one needs to place importance on two fundamental aspects: the way the content is written, and where they are published.

Content needs to be written in a way that while being rich in keywords, they are also interesting and informative to the reader.

Keywords help in making the content more SEO friendly, however, one cannot focus solely on them as otherwise, the article will be boring and repetitive. The writer will thus need to be creative in combining keyword insertion while properly tackling the topic and showing his or her expertise in the particular field.

Another method that is commonly used in conjunction with this is backlinks. This SEO strategy is effective and not that costly, and when it is done right it helps you to acquire new visitors to your site, and a good part of them could well become new customers.

But as stated earlier, article publishing and back-linking need to be done carefully in order to offer you the desired results.

What are best content submission websites?

The importance of article publishing is well-known and understood by marketers. Article marketing can be carried out in different ways, but one thing is for sure – you need to make sure that the content is posted in the best possible places.

While we all appreciate the importance placed on writing interesting, informative, and SEO-friendly content, it would be completely useless unless you post them in the right places.

Content submission sites should thus be used to make sure that the articles are easily found and read by as many people as possible.

Article sites are essentially content sites and blogs whose main intent is to give marketers the opportunity to post their content. By doing so they will be able to reach out to as big an audience as possible.

Some list of content submission sites will request that the content are marked as being sponsored, or that they contain promotional content and most of these don’t allow instant approval.

Content submission sites are key platforms for article publishing as they are specifically meant to target as many internet users and searchers and readers, who can then turn out to be prospective customers for your business.

It is a known fact that prior to making a purchase most customers look up information on the product or service that they require by carrying out an online search.

Once they do this research they will be in a better position to make a well-informed buying decision. If they read an article about the particular product or service they are looking for and are helped to understand why they should choose the one that you are selling thanks to your article, you are going to increase your chances of having them buy from you.

Content submission sites are trusted and so if you have your text posted on them your reputation is going to be more significant. This is already a good first step in your SEO strategy.

While the whole notion of content submission sites is surely appealing and effective, we have taken this to a different dimension which we strongly believe is even more effective as well as affordable.

What are best content submission sites?

We have a system that will enable you to make your SEO tactics more effective, as well as help you to make your strategy more comprehensive and well-managed.

Our system basically gives you the opportunity to locate the best articles sites where you can post your content.

Instead of paying for your articles to get posted on content submission sites, we are proposing that you pay us in order to be given the possibility of accessing our system.

We can then manage as well as monitor the quality of the content submission sites available on our system, and allow you to link in a natural way, as long as you stick to publishing rules.

We make sure to only include reputable content submission sites in our article SEO service. These sites in fact offer a range of categories in which one can post articles, and the more subjects there are for you to choose from, the better you can establish yourself as an expert in that particular field.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to stick to general blogs within related categories, there is also the opportunity to do this.

Both methods are proven to be effective, and since we like to suit different preferences we offer both of the options in our content submission sites list.

Why should I use article websites?

Content submission sites are key for any article strategy. The process of submitting articles on such sites is not that simple though, and you will surely appreciate some help to allow you to go about it in the best possible manner.

Our content submission tool can help you with this, as we shall be explaining in more detail later on.

However, for the time being, let us delineate some of the main reasons why you should use our content submission sites list, and why it is so important for you to publish only the best ones.

The concept of content submission on content submission sites is to submit an article on sites that accept publishing one’s articles.

The goal of this method is to increase your visibility and exposure, as well as to direct readers to your site, hoping that they will become regular visitors, or better still, customers.

So, your strategy is going to be two-fold. You will be placing a lot of effort and attention to write an article that will interest readers and encourage them to buy your product or service or to view you as an expert in that subject.

That article will need to be placed in the best possible place so as to be accessed by as many readers and searchers as possible.

So, you look to where to publish your article on third-party sites. These websites are specifically intended for this purpose, so they are going to rank well. This will already greatly increase your chances of getting more viewers.

This is also a relatively good advertising method. When including links in the text that you submit you are also promoting your site.

Moreover, the article text will include some information about the products or services that you sell, or the field in which you specialize. As such you will be advertising what you are selling in an indirect way.

You will also be showing your expertise in the field, which is something that many customers look up to.

This leads to another advantage – boosting your business credibility. In the author bio, you can include personal information as well as business information.

In time, the more text you write and submit, the more exposure you will be getting, and so will your business.

Over a span of time, this could also lead to going viral. Your text may be so good that it may be shared elsewhere, and so your reach will be even greater.

Nowadays this is even more possible thanks to the popularity of social media platforms and the ease with which one can hit share.

In some cases, the text could also be chosen by the site owners to be republished.

Consider all the backlinks and shares that you could get from a single article!

The effect will be multiplied the more text you submit and publish, and needless to say, the results are going to be considerable.

It is also worth mentioning that most content submission sites will come with RSS technology.

This basically produces RSS feeds for the site content, enabling easier posting and spreading. This also helps in generating more views, and possibly even more clicks.

Hence, this could also contribute considerably to increasing your site traffic.

Most content submission sites will retain content submitted to them and not delete them, even if a considerable amount of time passes since they were submitted.

So, you can basically keep attracting traffic for years to come.

Content submission websites can allow you to reach out to so many new people, a good part of whom could become loyal customers or referrals for you.

So thanks to these sites you can reach new customers, get continuous traffic to your site, as well as generate more sales and leads.

So as you may see the benefits you can get from submitting articles on submission websites are numerous. You are set to gain in so many ways and for an extended period of time.

The key is to know how to go about it, and the more text you write, and the better they are, the much better the end results are going to be!

Is article marketing safe?

Article marketing is one of the greatest SEO methods you could use. There is the misconception that sometimes article publishing is not that effective or safe though.

The main reason for this is that it was sadly often used by spammers who tried to duplicate text in order to publish them repeatedly.

While this may have happened years ago, it is no longer the case since plagiarism is taken extremely seriously these days, and any such actions will lead to various problems for the publisher.

Google will also be aware of such an action and there would be serious repercussions. So, whoever tries spamming and duplication will not be allowed to get on with the act.

Indeed, nowadays a great deal of attention is placed on originality when it comes to articles published.

Another reason why some may think that article publishing may not be that safe is due to the fact that there are some sellers who try to offer article publishing services of inferior quality.

Such sellers publish articles on several low-quality sites, where duplicate text is common. However such sites have a short lifetime, and since they do not really bother about quality, the end result is that those texts are not going to lead to any great results at the end of the day.

However, such instances should not bother you at all once you leave your article publishing venture in the hands of our system.

Through our content publishing tool, you can put your mind to rest that you will not undergo such activities, and all article publishing tactics and methods will be purely intended to deliver the results that you intended to achieve.

All the sites that are made available through our system are high-quality and reputable websites where you will not find any spamming or duplicated text.

As a result, whenever you publish your article through our system you have the peace of mind that your text is going to deliver positive results for your SEO strategy.

One of our prime goals is to make as safe and as effective as can be. You are given a range of article websites that you can trust, and you can choose where to publish.

You are literally going to be in charge of all the text you would like to publish while having the reassurance that you can trust the websites that are provided through our system.

Your strategy will thus be safe, and effective and yield the greatest possible results.

What are good article websites?

There are various article websites available online.

However, you should make it a point to choose the great ones.

This will greatly increase your articles’ success rate in terms of views and shares.

There are some ways and means by which you can ascertain if an article website is a good one or not.

What are good article websites?

Reputable websites will be well-indexed on Google. It is also a good idea to check the Citation Flow and the Trust Flow of the website.

The former will indicate how influential the site URL is and this is calculated on the number of sites that are linked to it.

The Trust flow on the other hand will predict the trustworthiness of the site, as in fact, the name itself of the metric implies.

This is based on how other sites which are renowned and reputable are linked to it.

The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are also good indicators of the level of reputation a site has.

As soon as you go on such sites you will get an instant good impression.

This can be achieved by seeing a nicely designed logo, a favicon, a good layout, and different text categories.

A good way to judge a website is to check if there are any adult and gambling categories. Such categories will not likely be found on reputable sites. The text that you find on a good article website will be unique text which has been validated as being original and not copied from anywhere else.

So, such text will be Copyscape proof. The website will have taken the necessary precautions to guarantee this as it will impact on its credibility and reputation.

As a prospective user of the website, you will benefit by taking into account the above-mentioned factors so as to judge the level of trustworthiness of the particular website.

At the end of the day you want your text to be viewed on good sites, and the backlinks to be generated from reliable sources, so it pays to take into consideration the reputability of the website.

Where to find good article marketing sites?

As mentioned earlier you will come across several free content submission sites listed online. However, they do not all rank as well as you might expect.

We have already discussed the importance of taking the time to check the reputability of such submission sites prior to starting submitting your text to them.

Where can I write an article online?

In order to make your life easier, we can guarantee that through our content tool you will only be able to find the finest content submission sites online.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure this as we believe that the reputation of the website has a huge impact on the results you can manage to achieve from your efforts.

We believe that you deserve the best, and for this reason, we offer only the very best content submission sites for you to post on.

All the content submission sites that we offer access to through our tool are of the highest quality, as they offer users a wide range of categories to choose from when posting content.

This leads to good SEO practices. Having your content posted on specific topics is important as readers will look for relevancy.

So, one of the main advantages of using our system is that you can put your mind at rest that your articles will be made available on some of the top content submission sites available online.

One of our main roles is to only choose the best submission sites for you, and we continually manage and maintain the level of quality and reputation of such submission sites so as to always guarantee you the best of the best!

Our Content Submission Tool and what it can offer you!

Article marketing is an SEO technique that dates back many years. Over the years it evolved from a relatively low-quality tactic to a much more effective one.

In the past, there used to be many spammers who tried to reduce the effectiveness and great results that one could achieve from article marketing.

However, with various search engine updates and measures that were introduced to penalize spamming and similar tactics, article marketing became once again one of the best SEO techniques used by businesses online.

In fact, it is safe to state that SEO and marketing agencies place article marketing among the most important tools in their SEO strategies.

Article marketing delivers very good results when it is strategically combined with other online SEO techniques. It can greatly boost a business’s reputation, exposure as well as brand awareness.

Content submissions can radically improve your site’s traffic as well as your sales and profits.

The key is to ensure that the content is well written so that they are original, interesting, and SEO friendly.

Secondly, you need to make sure that such high-quality content is properly published. This is just like having a great product or service and you want to show it off to the customers or audience.

You want your content to reach out to as big an audience as possible.

You want them to be found and read by as many people as possible. As such you need to choose carefully the articles submission sites where you shall be publishing your content.

This is just where we come into play.

Rather than ending up spending lots of time trying to find trustworthy content submission sites, we are offering you a content tool that includes a nice range of such submission sites to choose from to publish your articles.

Along with this, we have gone to great measures to ensure that these sites are the very best.

Our system also enables you to have the peace of mind that publishing on these sites will lead to great results. You will be promoting your business on the best platforms, and you will not have to worry about problems such as duplication.

Another advantage of utilizing our system is that you will not have to spend time trying to find sites where to publish.

Moreover, you will not have to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of contacting webmasters to see if they allow posting on their website, or to face high editorial fees for publication.

You will not encounter such requests on the sites that we suggest through our system.

The audience that the sites we suggest have is certainly one that you will take pride in. and once you will publish your articles on these sites you will be able to see good results within a short period of time – we can guarantee that.

So if you want to say goodbye to website hunting, and the task of having your articles being reviewed, only to end up facing the chance of getting refused, you need to look no further.

You simply have to make use of our amazing content submission tool and by doing so you will benefit in a myriad of ways, while also saving a great deal of time and money.

And the best part of it all is that you will be greatly increasing and improving your results in your article marketing endeavors – more than you could ever hope for, and more than you ever managed to achieve till now!

Our great list of article posting sites is linked to our platform so as to allow you to quickly and effortlessly publish your articles.

Regardless of the website, you choose you are guaranteed that that website is one of the best you could possibly publish on.

All these sites have great metrics and are continuously monitored and updated to be of the highest possible quality.

Our system also offers you the opportunity to conveniently monitor and manage different campaigns, as well as a post on different categories featured on different article sites.

You will also be able to easily update any of your articles whenever you feel the need to, and as often as you need.

This is certainly a great improvement on other cases where you would have sent a guest post to a website owner, and whenever you felt the need to make any edits or changes, you would have had to contact the website owner so as to request for such changes to be made.

On the other hand with our system, you will have the possibility to take care of it all on your own.

You will remain the boss and the manager of all your articles, and we feel that that is rightly so as after all these remain your articles, and you should be allowed to manage them as you deem fit, whenever you need or want.

Any updates or editing that you make will then be updated on the particular website automatically.

In a nutshell, you will have a dashboard from where you will easily see all the articles that you posted on the different sites.

This is greatly convenient and it will make your life much easier.

Moreover, your articles will be organized in one place and this will enable you to keep all your content properly and easily organized according to their particular topic, and so SEO campaigns will be managed better and much more effectively.

Our tool also offers you a broken link checker. This will come in very handy when it comes to article links.

It will reduce links that were not properly updated, and SEO effectiveness will improve considerably as a result because should there be any broken links you will be notified to take action.

Another important aspect of our tool is the fact that the app connects to websites from all around the globe as it is multi-country. You will just have to stick to the language of the location of the particular website.

You will surely appreciate the fact that the platform has a really simple interface which makes it very easy to use and get used to.

Last but not least, you will be able to benefit from regularly updated metrics which will help you to keep track of how things are going.

Considering all this there is surely nothing better than what we are offering you in the field of article link building.

By now we are quite sure that you are enticed by what you can gain once you start using our system. It is easy to use, it is super convenient, and it is a system that truly delivers great results. And despite all this, it is really affordable!

What more could you possibly wish for?

We are giving you the unique opportunity to gather yourself and make the most of article marketing.

If you never managed to do that well until now in article marketing, you will definitely manage to improve and achieve considerably better results as soon as you start using our system.

Many others have done this and they can vouch for its effectiveness.

You can order this amazing article publishing tool through our website and once you do this you will instantly gain access to multiple high-quality article sites where you can start publishing to promote your business.

Once you start you will never look back. You will start noticing improvements in your website traffic and ranking, and in time sales and profits will also improve significantly as through our system you will be maximizing the benefits of article marketing.

For more information please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to explain what we are offering in more detail, as well as answer any queries that you might have!

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