What we can learn from successful content marketing campaigns for link building and page traffic

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What We Can Learn from Successful Content Marketing Campaigns for Link Building and Page Traffic

If you want to get more organic traffic or links, your marketing campaign and advertising must be effective. A successful blog or marketing campaign isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. There have been a lot of different formulas, techniques, and ideas. However, not all of them deserve it.

It’s not very common to see data-driven equations and marketing that work well. But we can learn a lot from those successful marketing campaigns launched by well-known brands on the market.

Fractl Research on Content Marketing Campaigns

Researchers at Fractl looked at 759 content marketing campaigns from 2013 to 2017 to figure out what makes a campaign work. This may help you learn a lot about link building and search engine optimization.

In this case, Fractl’s Marketing Director, Kerry Jones, chose to give data from 345 marketing efforts. This is why: She looked at 759 ads and found out which parts were responsible for the most social shares and placements.

According to both data sets, a positive emotional effect is the one that is most likely to be spread around. The more backlinks, organic traffic, and trustworthiness the site has, it will also get more people to visit it.

To that end, we broke the marketing campaign’s success into three groups: 100 places or 20,000 social media shares 1,000–20,000 social shares or 20–100 placements are what it takes for a victory to happen.

fewer than 2,000 likes on social media or 20 places in the news Fractl came up with three things that are important for good marketing.

Three factors for a successful campaign

Three factors for a successful marketing campaign

The most successful campaigns were:

  • Emotional
  • Surprising
  • Appealing

More media placements and social media shares were given to advertising that was unexpected or emotional than to advertising that was less unexpected or emotional.

It must be successful for you to get more organic traffic and links if you want to get more. True, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to make a campaign work.

Use the power of your emotions to keep your marketing campaigns new and interesting. Companies that are well-known already do this. Tell them how your product or service will help them, and show them how it will help them.

It also doesn’t look good. Make up a good story. There isn’t a need to give out too much information at the start.

If you make your business more appealing, you will get more clients to work with you. If you have a niche brand, you should try to reach more people.

For the best results, combine all three parts into one campaign. Make sure you think about how far you can reach people and how trustworthy your sources are. Media relations can help you get more traffic and links to your website.

Before you send out your messages, check them for mistakes in data and language, then send them out. People don’t want to spread the word about deception.

What do you want to do with your next marketing campaign? We will break down the discussion into three parts: emotional, surprising, and appealing.

How to make your marketing campaigns emotional

There are many ways to market your business. A little can go a long way. Emotional cues are things in our environment that make us feel happy, sad, excited, and other emotions. These signals are meant to make people want to do something, like click, sign up, or buy something.

Research your customers’ emotional trips

When making a marketing campaign plan, think about how your target audience feels when they think about buying from you. What made you want to look for them at all? In their shoes, how would you feel? Customers should feel a certain way when they use your product or service. Make a mental map of all the emotions that your customers might be feeling. Then write them down or sketch them on paper or in your head.How to make your marketing campaigns emotional

Choose the right story to build the emotions

The importance of simplicity cannot be overstated. When you’re narrating a narrative, focus your emphasis on one or two crucial emotions. Others will arrive, but they should be supportive voices that are in sync with the overall mood of the gathering.

For example, a life coach may produce a marketing article that demonstrates how your services would help customers relax while simultaneously admitting their anxieties.

Then we may put up a mood board for you to look at. A mood board will assist the person responsible for campaign strategy in hitting the correct notes. A mood board is a collection of images, colors, textures, and words that have been put together.

Marketing must be done in a way that helps people feel good about themselves, which is something that is prevalent in both graphic design and marketing practices. They may also assist you in developing marketing concepts, creating visuals, and determining the pictures or resources you will require for your campaign.

A good example of an emotional marketing campaign

It is Dollar Shave Club’s “Free Gift” video.

For a long time, the Dollar Shave Club has been known for creating advertisements that make people chuckle. Creating awareness of the sensations of joy, excitement, and comfort that their product should elicit in customers.

Through the use of comedy and optimism, this advertising does an excellent job of expressing to the viewer his or her unfavorable feelings about the product. Instead of emphasizing how inconvenient it is to have to spend too much on razors, the second half of the advertisement concentrates on how relieved the narrator feels after his day-saving rescue makes him feel. When it comes to marketing tales, one of the most effective aspects is that they may employ both positive and negative emotional cues to convey how the client is feeling.

Information graphics, photographs, and written text are all suitable for use in video storytelling.

How to make your campaign surprising

How to make your marketing campaign surprising

In order to retain clients and keep them coming back, it employs a marketing tactic known as “surprise and delight.” According to a poll conducted by CrowdTwist, 67 percent of clients enjoy receiving unexpected presents.

Connect with valuable contact

You could show them that they could be a good business partner. If you want to show that you care, this is the easiest and fastest way to do it. Make resources, brands, and clients available. It’s the best gift I’ve ever had.

Under promise and over deliver

Always make more promises than you are able to fulfill. There is no other method to get a large number of 5-star reviews. If you want competent project managers, look for employees who are concerned about your clients’ satisfaction. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that people are important.

Provide over-delivered results and bonuses

In order to make our customers happy, we show them the outcomes and express our gratitude. Produce cookies with your company’s and your clients’ logos on them as a method of expressing gratitude and congratulations for a successful marketing campaign. They appreciate both the extra effort we put in and how much we care about the success and growth of their firm.

Share milestones with your customers

As you congratulate them on their accomplishments and get to know them better, you will learn more about them. When families recognize the names of their children, their schools, sports teams, and pets, they are relieved and content with their lives. They are also interested in knowing the names of their friends and family members.

The moment you begin to get to know your consumers on a personal level, things begin to go really well for you. Don’t forget about birthday cards and presents that have been specially created for you.


You may be really conscientious about informing your consumers and potential customers about what you do and why you do what you do. Maintain communication with them even if they choose to collaborate with someone else.

Make certain that they understand what it takes to be a winner. We also provide free, high-quality information to people who are interested in our services, such as podcasts, YouTube videos, and Facebook postings, in order to attract them to use our services.

A good example of a surprising marketing campaign

An example is taken from Master Card.

Priceless Surprises used to be known as “Priceless,” but now Master Card refers to it as “Priceless Surprises.” A lot of individuals aren’t sure what to make of social media when they first start using it.

People may pick from a variety of free concerts, vacations, and meet-and-greet opportunities that were available. Customer service representative Andrew Ruditser explained that the purpose of his campaign was to “surprise and please” his customers using new technologies. This is exactly what the campaign was intended to do.

A smartphone app with partners such as Staples and Citibank has been developed in order to keep people interested and reward them with surprises, all while promoting their brands and encouraging them to sign up for and utilize the mobile application.

They have now made it possible for cardholders to split rewards with their friends and family members, according to the company.

Ruditser says that the campaign turned Master Card customers into fans of the company. Consumer and business trust in the Master Card brand will rise. The news has “amazed” more than 100,000 people in 25 countries.

How to make your marketing campaigns more appealing?

As a result, here are some ideas for how to improve your marketing and promotion: What can you do to make your clients happier and give you better feedback?

Focus on Your Customers

Clients who know a lot about technology are notoriously hard to close. Customer service is a way of thinking, not a group of people. Buyers are becoming warier and warier of generic, sleazy, or overpowering sales presentations at all costs. What’s going on?

As a business owner or marketer, you should always put the needs of your customers first. We should listen to and respond to our customers more than anything else.

How to make your campaigns more appealing


Be Creative and more relevant

Marketers need to come up with more creative ways to advertise. This is more difficult than it looks, especially if you have a lot of other things to do at work. Consider giving some of your advertising, promotion, and marketing to a digital agency so you can focus on other parts of your business.

In today’s advertising and marketing world, things are so out of the box. This means that if you do creative marketing, you need to get back to your target group. Market research is a good way to find out what your target customer likes and values about your brand.

Make a good plan

Then, before you start any marketing or promotional effort, make sure you plan and budget very carefully.

Marketers who didn’t take into account the difference between increased sales and the real cost of promotions have lost a lot of money.

Before you spend a lot of money on a big campaign, try smaller, less expensive ones first to see if they work. When you use this method, you won’t have to put your business at risk.

Combine your offline and online campaigns

To build brand loyalty, both online and offline marketing must be used at the same time.

Every marketing or campaign you run must be able to be seen on a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones take up a lot of time. As a result, your promotions and marketing should be geared toward people who use their phones.

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