How to build links when you think your site is not wanted by others

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How to Build Links when You Think Your Site is Not Wanted by Others

Build Link Intersections

Emails requesting links are frequently ignored. These kinds of inquiries come up all the time. If they know at least three or four of your rivals, ask them to write you an email. They want to link to your site since they already link to three of your rivals’ websites. It’s difficult to detect whether a rival is directing traffic to three of your websites.

As a result, you’ll be able to locate pages that compete with yours. You must determine why your rivals’ websites link to yours. As a beginning point, create a blog that connects to the blogs of your rivals. Send an email requesting access to your website. When two persons try to obtain the same connection, this is referred to as a link intersection.

Begin by compiling a list of your rivals’ backlinks. You can receive the links if you follow the instructions. What do you need to do to choose the links? First, eliminate your competition. Marketers keep a list of keywords that are tough to rank for. Even if you work hard, you will not be able to form meaningful relationships.

Learn about the most significant websites in your profession. List some good for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as internet resources. Consider the websites of the places you would visit. Local authorities, legal journals, law firm websites, and legal blogs can all help a lawyer’s SEO.

To climb the search engine ranks, choose popular keywords. Perform a Google search. List the top three to ten search engine results pages (SERPs).

It is not a good idea to use Yelp or Angie’s List for local SEO. These pages include no cross-references. When searching, try alternative terms or phrases. These websites can be added to your list. If your search phrases are similar, seek sites that link to one another.

Continue once you’ve finished.

Image link building

Image link buildingA picture is often worth a thousand words. Adding images to a website improves and makes the content more engaging. Visuals on the Internet may help connections form spontaneously, but few people are aware of this.

Make a list of all the photographs that have been indexed before you look at their SEO potential. Enter your website’s URL into Google Images and hit “Enter.” You can select any image that Google has discovered.

To learn more about a photograph, utilize Google’s reverse image search. This search method uses an image as the query and returns photos and text descriptions that resemble the image used as the query (metadata and captions). A new window will appear when we click on a photo. Choose Search by Image if you want to find anything based on an image.

After that, you will receive a report with a list of the websites that have utilized your photographs. Without your consent, your images might be used on these websites. There is a connection, a reference, or a mention. You are not required to perform anything in exchange for the usage of your photographs.

If your images are being used on the site without your permission, you could contact the webmaster. Because website owners and webmasters desire to avoid getting into problems with the law, you will receive a large number of answers to your emails.

Be assured, but not arrogant. Your SEO will not improve if you remove all of the images from your website. Writing emails that are intriguing and persistent is the greatest approach to getting your message through via email. Your backlink profile will be far more likely to be successful.

You may also use your competitors’ photos to create a list of websites to contact. In other words, you may try to advertise your visual content in the same places as your online competitors.

Using the same methods as before, you may investigate your competitors’ image strategies. The only difference is that the search operator should now include rather than From now on, the same procedures will be followed.

Using Google Image Search, you may find and contact prominent people in your field. This will draw more attention to your company and help it gain more high-quality links.

Image search by keywords is another great way to mine new sources to get links from.  The procedure is rather easy:

  • enter long-tail keywords in Google Image Search;
  • choose 100% relevant images in the results you have got;
  • check where those images are located (the way we previously described);
  • try to get links from those websites.
  • Employing these tactics will let you find more relevant platforms for your content and links.

Reclaim your link

You should be successful at least half of the time. Approximately 83 percent of everything we have tried has been successful, albeit this is mostly owing to my marketing ability.

To make this method work, you must contact them as soon as they mention your website without connecting to it. You will only receive one link to an older than six-month-old article for every five or six emails you send. If you want to be successful, you must keep your eyes on the final goal at all times. The

It is critical to keep track of your existing connections while also attempting to attract new ones to your website. A 404 error or 301 redirects may occur when pages are relocated or URLs are altered as part of website modifications and migrations. This might lead to broken links and decrease the probability of users seeing your website. Repairing broken links is the answer to this problem.Reclaim your link

Gathering backlinks

Before attempting to restore any connections, locate the ones you want to restore. You may find redirect and broken page links using a backlink analysis tool like Ahrefs or Majestic (or both!). This is what will happen:

  • Enter the broken or redirected URL from your website into your backlink analysis tool. Backlinks to this page will be displayed by your tool.
  • To prevent seeing a high number of backlinks, configure your tool to only show “one link per domain.” Always be prepared to update any broken or incorrect pages to which connections from other websites go.
  • To ensure that only live links display in the search results, use a backlink filter.
  • If you like the results, you may save your list of backlinks to your computer.

Reaching out the webmasters

Your search results have been limited to only the finest backlinks. Then, request that the website owners remove the broken link from their sites. Explain why a link has to be altered to the webmaster.

They already know who you are and how vital your connection is. Make a template if you want to deliver the same message to many sites. Create a template that is simple to alter and does not like any other template. Please remember:

  • The person in charge of the website is aware of your identity. You don’t have to discuss your website in an email to develop links. Even if you’ve never spoken with the webmaster before, he or she should recognize you. They probably already know how essential your connection is since you were raised.
  • Don’t go on and on. Emails should be as brief as possible while yet stating what has to be said. Your email will be read more carefully if you can state the same thing in a few brief lines rather than numerous large paragraphs.

What advantage does this adjustment provide to the website’s owner? While recovering broken links is beneficial to your SEO, you should also highlight the benefits to the website owner. Broken links will be penalized by Google, which is negative for both the user experience and the site’s search engine rankings.

Create a template that advises the webmaster why they need to fix a broken link using these guidelines. Make careful to be specific so they grasp what you’re saying.

Qualifying backlinks

You do not have to get each link to your website again. Some connections may really impede your link-building attempts, which is why to disavow files exist. Manually check that the backlinks you want to reclaim are still relevant and useful.

Once you have a comprehensive list of all the hyperlinks that do not meet your criterion for a quality backlink, eliminate those that go to broken or moved pages. Even though the specifics of these measures and criteria may vary from site to site, the following must be considered:

Check that the content on the page relating to your website is still relevant. SEMrush or other SEO tools can tell you what keywords a website ranks for if you can’t tell from a first scan. Please check this message for any terms that might be considered spam.

Build link with low Domain Authority (DA) are unlikely to have a substantial influence on your search engine rankings. Any website with a domain authority (DA) of less than 15 should be treated with caution. Some of these sites may not be worth your time until you have good proof that they will deliver a significant volume of relevant traffic to your site.

These links may have previously sent traffic to your website, but because they are terrible for SEO, they are unlikely to do so again. The vast majority of links in forum and blog comment sections are set to “nofollow,” which means they have no effect on search engine results. Because these links are given by site users rather than webmasters, locating their contact information will be challenging.

Even if a spammy backlink is not immediately obvious, there are a few traits you may look for to detect it. The URL must come first. If the domain name or URL contains weird letters and numbers that make no sense, this might indicate a fraudulent website. It is also crucial to check that any external links on the website are genuine and valuable. In this case, you may use SEMrush to find and eliminate any spammy keywords from your website.

Follow up on your requests

Despite your emails, only a few of them might respond. Some of them ignore you totally.  Relax. There is, nevertheless, a glimmer of optimism. Accept responsibility if you miss an email or fail to answer because you were distracted. Webmasters are subject to the same rules. If you haven’t heard anything regarding the broken link after a few weeks, write a follow-up email.

Use a template if you want your follow-up emails to be as beneficial as possible. Send follow-up emails on a different day or at a different time. This may encourage more people to read your email.

Performance-based marketing

Performance-based marketing

Performance marketing addresses attribution, which is one of the most difficult challenges in marketing. Businesses may not always be aware of which of their marketing efforts are effective. Work and outcomes are linked by recognition.

The marketing measurement ladder at eMarketer is based on how well you understand why a customer purchased something. You might, for example, use this strategy to optimize the consumer experience from the moment they view your product until they buy it.


Linking is a difficult task. You’ve been attempting to make friends for hours, but no one appears to be interested. No matter how enticing the links appear, do not click on them. Long-term tactics will help you rank higher on Google.

If you’re experiencing difficulty when build links, you may try some of the options above. Do you have any relevant questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

Table of Contents


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