Natural link-building approach for your website or blog

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The Natural Link Building Approach for Your Website or Blog

Natural Link-Building is the best way to improve your website’s search engine rankings to get more natural first and second-tier links.

Natural link-building is exactly what the name suggests i.e. backlinks that are created naturally without the website owner has to go and generate them either through guest posting, or other forms of link-building practices.”

Over-complicating things aren’t necessary. To show search engines that you are an expert in your field, you need to spend about 80% to 85% of your time and effort on off-page SEO after you have built your website.

Why Does My Blog Need Natural Link-Building approach?

They are there to encourage natural growth instead of forced or artificial growth, and they have the power to punish websites that don’t follow these rules, as many have found out with Google’s most recent changes.

For Google to give the best search results, its goal is to do everything possible. What happens if this can’t be done? Users leave, and advertising revenue goes down because of it (which makes up 90 percent of their business.)

Google punishes websites that are accused of “gaming” the algorithm, and it should come as no surprise.

In light of this, you might want to think again about outsourcing link building to a third party.

The Natural Link-Building Natures

It is critical to maintaining connections and building links organically and naturally. The following aspects should be included in a natural-looking link development strategy :

The Anchor Text

In place of the link, the text that appears next to it is called an “anchor text.” This text is often shown with a blue background color and leads people to your site. Use a lot of different URLs to show search engines that your site is important for a lot of different keywords, not just one.

Sources Variety

Backlinks can come from a lot of places, like directories, reciprocal links, article websites, guest blogging, and more. Make the most of all the link-building resources you have at your disposal.

The Future Updates of the Links

Your links will take time to grow. Gradually adding them might make them look more natural and get them better grades. Rather than a quick fix, you should work on long-term SEO link growth. (example FirstTier versus Second-Tier links)

It should be easy for your small business to show up in search engine results for the terms you want because most businesses don’t use the four things we talked about. There will be a big impact on how quickly your website rises to the top of your market.

Links to All Pages Of Your Website or Blog

Check to make sure that all of your website’s links go to all of its pages, not just the home page. Instead of directing people to the main page, direct them to individual blog posts, product websites, and instructional pages. A lot of “deep links” are used.

What is Natural Link-Building?

When it comes to link building, Google may punish you if you do something different from the norm. Any link that could help your PageRank or improve your Google search engine results is called an effective link strategy.

Make your links look real for both qualities and to keep Google from getting mad. There are natural backlinks, which is what they sound like: natural.

How can you use them? This page will answer all of your questions about how to get natural backlinks from other people, or natural link building approach.

The criterion for Good Natural Link-Building

A good link is one that doesn’t have any spammy ads on the content of the page.

When a link is great and adds value to the site, it’s a good one. There is food on these pages, so eat it. A natural website, on the other hand, will not have a lot of backlinks.

When you look at a page, its links and anchor text are very important. If the article needs backlinks, they are mentioned and cited in the text. If your website looks natural and has great content and well-placed backlinks, your clients will want to get in touch with you.

The criterion for Good Natural Link-Building

The criterion of Bad Links

It’s bad if a link leads to a page that’s hard to get around or understand. They don’t look or sound like they belong. Banners are likely to take up the majority of the page, with only a few lines of text, if any at all, in them.

There have been no comments, which means that the site is not being used. When there are bad websites, there are a lot of link farms that make money.

I’m going with a thousand because backlinks are likely to be sold and given away for free. They’ll account for half of the links. A red signal is also a message in your search box that says “Not Secure.”

There are a databases called SEMrush and AHREFS that can tell you if a site is good or bad. This app makes it easy to keep an eye out for an increase in traffic. The fact that your website only gets a few visitors a month doesn’t make sense. 

Natural Link-Building Strategies

The main difference between natural and fake backlinks is that the former is meant for visitors to get real value from its content, while the latter is meant to manipulate Google’s search results.

Link building is an important part of off-site search engine optimization. As you know, search engines like Google use the number and quality of links that point to a page to decide how high that page is in the search results.

Basically, the more links you have, the more likely it is that you will show up at the top of a search for terms that are related to your site. The following are some of the most common ways to get people to connect with a website:

This post is going to be about content and social media. Why? Most of these things are likely already done by you (or at least something you know about).

Because these two are so important, they aren’t just about building links for SEO. They are also about more than that (although some will have some SEO value anyway).

Because they are concerned about natural link-building that people will click on, instead of waiting for clicks and sales from the top of the search results, you may get both right away from the link itself!

Content is pivotal in Natural Link-Building

It’s a great way to get more high-quality backlinks to your site and show that you know what you’re talking about. There are ways to get links to your blog from other websites that have good content.

Guest Blogging

Writing guest posts for other websites is a great way to get your name, business, and relationships in front of more people than you might otherwise.

To start getting in touch with other bloggers in your field, you need to have some good content on your own blog.

It’s a good idea to use small blogs that have been successful in your company (with a lot of social interaction and comments) as examples when you’re pitching to bigger sites.


The use of video can help build relationships. If you want to add a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo, you can do so in the video’s description.

Everyone who finds your movies through search engines or YouTube will be able to go to your site. If you write a blog post or make a video, it should be informative and relevant to your audience.

It’s important to remember that the video isn’t meant to be a crazy journey (or anything that even puts you behind the camera). The best way to make a video tutorial is to record your voice and the screen of your computer with a screencasting app.

Social Media & Natural Link-Building

If you’re active on social media, you’re bound to have a lot of links. Let’s look at what’s out there, where they are, and how they work.

Social Media & Natural Link-Building


It’s possible to put a link to your website or blog in the Web and Bio sections of your Twitter account. This is where you can make changes to your Twitter account. After you’ve made the changes you need to, add a bio and a link to your website to your account. This is what your profile looks like. You’ll also see two links that look like this.

How does this help build trust? A lot of other websites will use your Twitter bio or bio with a link to your website on their own pages, too. With both ways linked, you will get more ties. Klout, for example, steals your bio and any links to websites that are linked to it. Listorious, on the other hand, only asks for your bio and a link to your site.


On Facebook, there aren’t as many places to put a live link as on other sites that collect user data, like Google.

This page will show all of your other social media profiles, blogs, and websites, and they will all be linked to this one. Social influencers use URL shorteners like and other abbreviated URLs all the time to get people to visit sites.

If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, and are short domains that you can use to make their URLs easier to remember.


It’s possible to add three links to your LinkedIn profile, each with its own link text. Make sure to use anchor text to get people to click on your links. Edit Profile is a drop-down menu option for changing your profiles.

As soon as you click Edit, you can change how your website links look on your phone. Choose “Other” for each option to get the anchor text that you want. To make things even better, people who visit your profile will be able to click on three great links.


With the latest update of the platform, you can now put a lot of links to other websites in the head of your YouTube channel. To change how your channel looks, click Edit next to the About section.

The title and URL of each link will follow. As long as search engines don’t follow nofollow links, you can add more links for people to click on!

Engagement Natural Link-Building

Participating in a niche or industry group helps to build personal, professional, and corporate brands. Here are some ways to get the best of both worlds by combining link building and interaction to get.

Blog Commenting

Always be sure that when you post a remark, it’s not just for the sake of leaving a link. To make an impression and get attention, you must do this. You have something important to say if you want people to notice you. Curiosity and the number of people who click on a link are linked.

Engagement Natural Link-Building

Forums – viable tactic in Natural Link-Building

In the beginning, it might not be easy to connect to forums. A lot of places have different rules about what you can and can’t do. Google “boardreader” or “powered by VBulletin” to find forums that are great in your field.

In any case, look at a public post to see whether anyone else has signed up. At the end of each chapter, they will be there for them.

If you don’t already know everyone on the forum, you should post before you add your signature links to make sure you get to know them.

So, if you have been praised for being a good person in the community, you can sign your name (15-20 posts, ideally not in one day). If no one else has a link, make sure you have at least one. In that case, pick three.

Soon, you’ll know what works best for you. Fill out your member profile the same way you would on any other website you would. A link could help other people learn more about you.

Q&A Networks, ideal for Natural Link-Building

There are a lot of good places to build up your reputation and include a link in an answer on the question and answer sites.

On Quora, LinkedIn Answers, and Yahoo Answers, you can add links to your answer or look for more information in the “resource box,” which is at the bottom of the page.

A blog comes in handy here because blog postings are better than links to Amazon or eBay items.

To avoid being called a spammer, just answer questions like “Where can I buy…” if you have the item for sale on your site. If you want to link to other websites, Yahoo Answers doesn’t have a way for you to do that.

Quora, on the other hand, must be done to the best extent possible. Put links in your main bio. Topics may also have links. When you’re interested in a subject, you’ll be asked to share your thoughts and ideas about it.

Leave a comment with your URL in the comment box. Any replies you make on that topic will be linked to your profile for that subject.


A good piece of material will always get links from other people. Search engines will see how well you do at Natural Link-Building when they look at your online presence.

What do you think about this?

What approach are you willing to use to increase the popularity of your website or blog?

Table of Contents


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