Do Niche Websites Still Work?

Is It Still Effective to Use Niche Sites Nowadays? Keeping it simple and compact is the best way to deliver crucial information to the audience. How to do it right in an SEO friendly way? Discover more about the effective niche sites and get a massive jump on your traffic!

How do you know it is a niche site?

What is the common characteristic you Do Niche Sites Still Work?see from the common websites? You would find a lot of pages, subpages, and submenus on the website. However, did you really go to every page and read every information on them? Of course most of the audience wouldn’t do that. Becoming aware of that fact, niche sites use that as their main characteristic to deliver information in the most compact form. They use only a set of specific keywords and only consist of a few pages. Beating around the bush is not the style for a niche website. They prefer to have a simple but effective marketing strategy for the audiences. You can’t compare the conversion rate with the other complex websites, but still, income from keyword advertising and affiliate marketing are no joke. For people who are looking for a fast income, a niche site could surely do that for you. That is why despite the insufficient traffic and conversion rate, they are still quite popular.

Quantity for Quality

For people who want to work at home by building a niche website, they should manage several of them at one time. Unlike the common website, a niche site would have considerably lower total income potential individually. However, it would be totally different if you can manage several websites at once. Because of their compact form and straightforwardness, niche websites should have exactly the same domain as the target keywords. This makes them so SEO friendly that they must appear on the top list of search results on Google. Besides, these simple websites are easy to handle with low maintenance costs. Of course, you would be able to multiply your income from these websites just by making another for the other popular keywords. There was also a time when some people with corporate jobs resigned because they have more income from these niche websites than their office work. This proves that the potential income is quite tempting if you have enough websites to make money. Their fast development from scratch to making money is also the important factor to consider.

The Game Is Changing

Of course, there would be changes over times, including the search engine ranking systems. As Google commenced more updates, it is not that easy for simpler websites to place in higher ranks anymore. Instead, a larger site with more complex contents could place in higher ranks. If you want more stable, definite income, you have to convert to larger websites. Now, the strategy is changing from having more niche websites to having a smaller number but adding more complexity into them.
Smaller niche sites are good for a test run on the market while making you some money for the start. You can test almost anything you need to build websites there. However, don’t hope to get in the upper rankings with that kind of website. Even numbers wouldn’t help if you keep those websites oversimplified. If you want more money from placing in the higher SEO ranks, you’d better work on your niche websites. Adding more content and improving their ability to draw in natural links is the only way to build a website with more dependable income rates.

Choose Your Niche Wisely And Be Consistent

Niche is a specific topic you choose as the main theme for your business. It could be anything, from your daily needs, activities, interests, to current trends. By choosing a specific topic, it would be easier for you to decide everything and develop the website. If you had the head start, you would be the pioneer and become the brand image for the niche. More people would remember your website every time they look up for the keyword. This would bring you more traffic which could increase conversion rate.
That is why you should think carefully before deciding which niches would be for your websites. If you want to gain income by the number of audience, you can go for the ones with high CPC (cost per click). Instead, you can also choose the ones with high commercial value if you want to get more opportunity in the future. Whichever ones you choose, be consistent to develop the website so that it could enter the higher ranks in search engine results. If you want to change your niche, you would have to start all over again from scratch. Besides, there is no guarantee that there would be no other competitors in that niche, which could be much harder to develop than your current ones. .

Potential Benefits of Having a Niche Site

Covering a much larger area than your current capacity could cause you to lose your potential clients in one niche or the other. However, if you choose to focus your current ability to a specific area which you are proficient at, you won’t have to worry about such a thing. You have all the skills and you will be able to convince your target audience more easily. Having a niche website would differ you from the others, which makes it easier to imprint a brand image on your audiences’ mind. Being specialized in a certain area also makes the competition narrower. Narrower competition means there would be less matter to worry about. You would be able to develop more freely and make your visions come true. The number of audience would also be narrower, but with much higher conversion rate. Having a focused goal in your mind, you would have more time to prepare, which could boost your start up significantly. It is true that now you can’t just build a simple site in a very short amount of time. However, you can still use the basic principles to help you gain a head start and get ahead of your competitors.

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