What is a niche site example?

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What Is a Niche Site Example


You have probably heard about the great opportunities offered by niche sites. There are many success stories about people who managed to monetize their blogs independently.

Did you know that a quarter of 100 bloggers will eventually make their blogs as their faucets of income? If you are still in the middle of the decisions, you can rest assured that blogging is a legitimate way to make money online. But of course, there are takeaways that you need to consider. That’s why not all bloggers end up making money on their own.

Niche Site example

There are many ways to define the real meaning of a niche site. But in general, the sites that you have visited so far are niche sites. Niche sites were established back then because some of the sites are too general. But now, niche sites have been part of larger markets.

So, when you are seeking out examples of a niche website, well you can find it now on the first page of the search engine result.Niche Site example


The SEO for niche sites

SEO is fluid and flexible. What you might hold today can change the next day and you will not know what will happen when you stick to one strategy all the time. Well, you can have different strategies to make your niche website more feasible. But you will want to stick to several principles of the SEO:

Suggested tools to aid in your SEO research in selecting a niche, keywords, and monitoring the performance of your niche sites:

  1. SEMrush


High-quality content

No one will want to read your niche blog if your content is bad. Content marketing can be the foundation of your site authority. Your readers will be the unbiased judge of your content. If it is bad, then you can notice that the traffic is low.

The backlinks quality

Backlinks are a must. Most of the niche sites attain traffic from the Google search engine. It is important to put the backlinks as one of the main SEO stuff.

Coming up with the niche ideas

Normally, you will go with something that you like the most. But if you’ve just started, it will be harder than you might have ever thought before. You’ve probably thought about one, but you are not sure if this niche will bring you good profits or not.

Basically, you can find a lot of ideas on the net. It is easy to jot down a list of hundreds of ideas and narrow them down to your most favorite ones. There are tons of ideas you can find. But again, the challenge is to pick the right one for you. So, how can you brainstorm ideas for your website niches?

First things first, take a pen and paper, or just open your word processor app. Then jot down as many ideas as you like on the paper. Think of something that you can see on a daily basis. It can be something in your workspace, home, bedroom, kitchen, living room, outdoors, or any other place. Start by looking at your personal room first. Then you could expand to other places. Think of the items or any other stuff that is relevant to your life. Give yourself 45 minutes for this. Then stop after 45 minutes.

How many ideas do you have? If you think that the list is not plenty, you could restart and take another 45 minutes.

Now let’s assume that you have spent 90 minutes researching the topics for your blog. We’re pretty sure that you have already collected hundreds of ideas now. What to do next?

Take those ideas and cross the idea that is a “No” for you. Disqualify the items which you don’t have an interest in, or don’t know what to do about them. But more importantly, only keep the things which are interesting for you to write. Even though you are not going to write these topics directly, you will at least need to have the passion to be poured into your blog. Start by eliminating half of your list.

Let’s say you previously gathered 100 ideas, you can remove the other 50. then from the 50 points, you would want to rank it based on the interest level. Some experts or experienced bloggers might suggest you consider the competition level. But in the end, you will really want to build a niche blog that is prevalent for your interests. It can be a great idea if your sole purpose is money. Then you could also include the competition level in your ideas. But if you don’t want to lose your identity and passion, consider focusing only on your interest levels. By then, it will be much easier to find the niche for your site.

Example of a niche site

Niche sites, as mentioned, have been part of large markets. If you are focusing only on one or two main keywords, then what we suggest is the micro-niche sites.

For instance, if you are talking about coffee, then it will be the niche. Of course, coffee can be a general topic. You might be interested in the sub-topic such as the best coffee makers. The keyword “coffee makers” can place your site on the right track of a micro niche site.

Pragmatically, when you pinpoint “coffee makers” as the main keyword of your site, you are building a micro niche site. But well, when you conclude this microsite as a niche site, it is not wrong either because even the micro niche site can still have the sub-topics to discuss by the owner of the blog. The micro-niche site is almost less popular than the niche site since it only suggests small topics rather than general ones. Not to mention that more general sites usually come with the trends. Micro-niche sites, on the other side, do not necessarily see the current trends as their benchmarks.

Table of Contents


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