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Guest Posting Defined and Strategies to Guest Post - Conversion rate optimization

In other words, it is the percentage of people who do something on your website after they see it, or visit it.

A five percent conversion rate means that for every 50 thousand people who visit your e-commerce site, one thousand sign up for an account, buy something, or sign up for your newsletter.

The goal here is to improve conversion rate optimization, or CRO (CRO). Increased conversion rates mean more money for your business as well as more visibility on the web.

Another area to take into consideration is the Organic CTR (Click Through Rate) in your conversion analysis.

Good conversion rate criterion

What is a good conversion rate?

Industry, competition, and whether or not you sell to people or businesses all play a role in how much you make.

There isn’t a perfect conversion rate, but you should always try to get one that is higher than the one you have now, even though there isn’t one.

On the other hand, industry standards give us a sense of how things should be done in the real world:

  • The rule of thumb for B2B is 1% to 2% as an acceptable conversion rate.
  • About 2% conversion rate of B2C e-commerce sales comes from medium-value B2Cs.
  • It’s about a 4% conversion rate in low-value B2C.

It’s possible that the market is too competitive, or that your business was not set up in accordance with industry rules.

The first step in improving conversion rates is to figure out what the problem is.

Tracking the conversion rate

Google Analytics can be used to keep track of how many people buy something after seeing an ad.

Track your visitors’ progress through the buyer’s journey by making a funnel in Analytics to see how they go. From their first visit to when they buy, you can group them into different groups.

In Google Analytics, each step has a unique URL that is linked to that step.

There are many ways to improve a website’s conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization is one way (CRO). The goal is usually, but not always, to make a sale.

In addition, you can sign up for an online demo and download files. You can also try out a new tool and sign up for emails. As a business grows, it is a change.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Boost Your Website’s Ranking

The beauty of these conversion rate optimization ideas is that they are effective regardless of the conversion technique you intend to use.

Add Site Search to Your Website or Blog

The search box will be used by up to 30% of people who come to the site. Sadly, 84 percent of businesses don’t meet their customers’ needs, which is bad.

If your website doesn’t already have a site search, now is the time to add one to it.

It’s a good thing for everyone involved. People can get useful information about what they were looking for by looking at the results of a search, on the other hand.

You can use this information to come up with new content or to fill in any gaps on your site.

Add Site Search to Your Website or Blog

You might even be able to group people based on what they search for. This information may help you address your customers’ most common problems and pain points on your website.

If you want to add a site search to your WordPress site, you can use a plugin. To make Webflow of your own, you can. On Wix and Squarespace, it is very easy to search for things on your site.

Tweak Your Call-To-Actions

Using CTAs, you can easily improve conversions. The average click-through rate of a CTA is 4.23 percent, but the conversion rate of a CTA is influenced by a lot of different things. Customizing call-to-actions (CTAs), for example, has been shown to almost double the number of conversions.

So, keep playing around with CTAs to figure out what works and what needs to be changed. You can’t believe how quickly a user’s preferences can change! To be able to brand yourself, you need to be very consistent.

The colors of your company’s call-to-action buttons might not be the best choice for these buttons. You might want to try different colors. It might be hard for people to see your palette’s colors because they might be too similar to the rest of your site’s color scheme.

Conduct Routine Users testing

In many ways, problems with usability can be very bad. Because they are hard to use, 70% of online businesses fail. As a business that sells online, changing the design and flow of the checkout process will improve your CTR and could boost sales by 35%.

Tests done by real people are a good way to get information that can help your website get more people to buy from you. As a result, it is important to start as soon as possible. Heat maps are one of the most common ways to look at how people use your site when it comes to user experience (UX).

You’ll be able to see if your links, tabs, and CTAs are being clicked. They can also show you where your customers’ eyes first go with eye tracking software. Crazy Egg and Hotjar are my favorite things. Hotjar’s installation process isn’t very complicated.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Visitors have more faith in a website that is more open. Using Live Chat Support can help make things more transparent. Add a live chat tool to your website and your visitors may think that the people who answer their questions are real, even if they aren’t, even though they aren’t. They can make quick decisions about what to buy, but they also have doubts.

It is possible to use social media to get people talking about your organization or to get them interested in living in your neighborhood. Customer service improves when this happens, which leads to more sales.

Hire professional writers and copywriters

Hire professional writers and copywriters

If your website content isn’t making money, it’s time to think again.

Headlines should include copy, titles, or taglines that show off your USP in the best way possible (Unique Selling Proposition).

Do not use too many taglines. It is very important for them to get the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. Changing the wording and phrasing on TruckersReport led to 21.7 percent more sales!

Speed up your website

A quick site is good for the user experience, SEO, and SEM (SEM). It takes a lot of work to keep the time it takes for a page to load in check. Pages that get the most traffic but take the longest to load can be found with tools like Google Analytics.

Google PageSpeed Insights can help you find out if there are any problems with the way the site works. Keep an eye on your tracking scripts and plugins. Pingdom can help you figure out if any of them have an effect on how long it takes to load.

You can use a Content Delivery Network to get your content to other people (CDN). Use reset to load the picture that is right for your device. They are hard to do now, but in the long run, they will be worth it. Long loading times may slow down conversions. Keep in mind that surfers are quick.

Nobody cares about your site as much as you do. As a result, your customers may quickly leave your site and go to your competitors instead. As a result, think about ways to make web pages load faster before you start.

Utilize the effective social proof

We live in groups. Whenever we have no ideas, we look at what people have done in the past. That is why e-commerce businesses make money from customer feedback. Customers benefit from reading reviews because it helps them make better decisions about buying things.

To get feedback from customers after the sale, use post-sale communications or look at incentives. A lot can go wrong when you write a review. As a result, you should do everything you can to make sure that the reviews are true.

Make your site SEO-Friendly

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice when it comes to SEO. Is it not feasible to recruit someone else later? Did you know that not optimizing your store for search engine optimization (SEO) costs you money? SEO is an important part of getting your website seen by search engines (Search Engine Optimization). Is giving up this chance worth it?

Build Multilingual Sites

Customers are more likely to buy from a store that has a lot of different languages.

Why? Because not all of your visitors are fluent English speakers, delivering material in their native language increases your consumers’ proclivity to buy. It also lets you start a new business in a new place and reach a new group of people all over the world.

Make sure you know that just translating your website into another language isn’t enough to get ready to learn another one. If you don’t want your site to be misunderstood, you might want to hire a native-speaking translator.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Smartphones are unquestionably here to stay. Last year, more people used their phones and tablets to visit retail websites than used their PCs. Google is also working on a new mobile-first index, so responsiveness won’t be enough.

People do not make purchases on PCs before moving on to mobile devices, therefore it is hard to distinguish between mobile and desktop consumers. It costs more for people to buy things on a tablet, smartphone, or computer than it does for people who just use a computer.

A lot of people, especially young people, think about commerce every day. Customers are willing to buy even if they are using a smartphone if they can get a good deal.

Is your site mobile-friendly

A lot of people think that mobile transactions will rise by 44.7 percent in 2019. The more people who start with mobile, the more likely they are to change their minds later on. The rise in sales of smartphones in China may be due to the country’s constant innovation and easy-to-use design. This should make online stores more mobile-friendly and make more money from mobile sales.

This means making a simple, quick, and safe mobile purchasing experience that encourages people to spend more money. A mobile-first strategy only includes newsletters that work on phones and social networks that work with phones.

Amp your site security up

Media exposure and celebrity endorsements can help people trust you, but if their browser tells them that your site is dangerous, you could lose them even more. Even if you play your cards well, you still won’t make any sales. If you haven’t already, you should switch to HTTPS.

If you don’t want to lose traffic and search engine rankings, make sure you have a strong redirect plan in place before you change your URL. Users may be more worried about their data being stolen because their browser says the website isn’t safe.

In order to keep your content management systems and plugins safe, you should make sure they are always updated. If you take the time to protect your website, your customers are more likely to buy from you.

Make sure your site is navigable

In theory, getting people to the right page should be easy, but only the most diligent marketers do well. You might make extra efforts to make sure that customers can quickly find what they want. On bigger screens, navigational elements should be shown. When using a laptop instead of a cell phone, the hamburger menu should be used instead of the main menu.

It doesn’t matter how much content is below the “fold.” If there is a fake bottom or screen, the user should not be able to scroll down. Buttons and other interactive parts should look like they can be clicked. You should be able to clearly show where you’re going. Before users click on a navigational element, they should know what will happen.

The rules of how to act on the internet. Because most people spend most of their time on other websites, web principles will help them find their way around your site. Beauty isn’t enough. It’s easy to get caught up in the newest web design trends at the expense of making your users happy. Isn’t it bad if people who shop on your website can’t find what they want?


Every person who changes their mind is important.

If you don’t have internet conversion rate optimization, it is hard to run a business. A better conversion rate is always a goal. Because even if you’re happy with the results of your online business, there’s always room to improve.

These are the best ways to increase conversion rates that we’ve found. Do you have any more ideas? What do you think? It would be great if you could put them in the comment box below! The Cloudways webinar can help you improve the conversion rate of your store.

Table of Contents


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