Guide to be a better blog writer in 3 weeks

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Guide to be A Better Blog Writer in 3 Weeks

The quality of your writing will help you stand out in a sea of uninteresting websites, blogs, and newspapers.

How to write better blog posts

A few simple approaches and recommendations will assist you to write better blog posts. Over the next 3 weeks, you will want to do these to become a better blog writer.

Always open up to new ideas

Content writers monetize their blogs by writing about well-known themes in new and entertaining ways – blog it better. It’s similar to explaining how diamond facets reflect light. Finding related subjects is becoming more important than ever as content categories get more crowded and competition for attention grows.

Using your imagination, intuition, and industry knowledge to generate blog post ideas may make the task simpler. You can consider blogging in its early stages! We should have fun with it (and save your ideas in a scrapbook for later!)

In common cases, we’ll either run out of ideas or have to fight for the ones we do have. On the other hand, make a list of 10 questions that people should be asking but aren’t. With 15-20 new blog subjects to choose from, you should be set for the foreseeable future. Be open-minded. It is pretty cool if you can absorb everything surrounding your environment.

To further develop yourself and your identity as a brand! Read our article How to Build Your Personal Brand by BloggingAlways open up to new ideas

Know what your readers want

Instead of making assumptions about what your clients want, look into their industry, and occupation, and drill down further to understand their interests and hobbies.

As a result, all you need to do is write interesting articles that appeal to a specific interest, need, or solution to a known problem.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive studies, market research or to figure out what your consumers want. You are surrounded by a wealth of tools. Take a look at these.

  • Google Trends – is a website that tracks the most popular Google Search terms across various geographies and linguistic groups. The website compares the search volume of various keywords throughout time using graphs.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand that measures and reports website traffic. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. The service was introduced by Google in November 2005.
  • Upvoted Quora posts – A social question-and-answer platform is called Quora. By modifying other users’ queries and adding comments to their submitted replies, users can work together.
  • Social media posts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, WeChat, and TikTok are some obvious platforms to aid you to blog it better.
  • Twitter trends – A word, phrase, or topic that appears more frequently on Twitter than others is referred to as a “trending topic” or simply a “trend.” Trending topics gain popularity either as a result of user activism or as a result of an occasion that encourages discussion of a certain subject.


If these sources aren’t available, consumers might be a great source of inspiration. If you’re looking for new ways to engage your audience, consider sponsoring video calls. This interview may provide you with ideas for your blog and company.

Choose topics from your audience persona

Do you know exactly who you want to sell to? Utilize your audience! Instead of sharing broad information, brainstorm blog topics that are tailored to each character’s issues.

One persona may be concerned with the expense of your products (and hunt for DIY themes), but another may be interested in how they may be utilized in many ways. Examine your themes to determine if they address the issues of both characters.

Create experts and influencers roundups to aid in becoming a better blog writer

Is your mind exhausted? A roundup post is an excellent method to highlight other experts in your subject while also keeping your readers interested and saving them time.

Sign up for a free HARO account to get professional assistance. Once you have 10, post a list of professional quotations with a backlink. The professionals you mention will extensively spread your post, bringing a large number of fresh visitors to your website without you having to do anything.

Meet people offline and online

Attending conferences is one method to learn about the most recent advancements in the industry. You can gain fresh ideas by attending a conference, either in person or online.

Taking notes on what others say during a conference may help you come up with new blog topics. You may also share your work on blogs. The major purpose here is to look into the industry’s future.

The best bloggers are those that stand out from the crowd, with a clear focus on how to write a better blog post.


Create batches of topic ideas


Create batches of topic ideas

The absence of a subject is not the first step in writing. Prepare your topic ahead of time so that you can properly investigate it.

It’s useful to have a variety of themes to choose from all at once. Don’t give up if you’ve already started your research.

Productivity increases when related jobs are completed at the same time.

Stroll around the social media platforms

Social networking is an excellent source of new blog article ideas.

To generate content ideas, consider your audience’s interests. Look at who they are following and conversing with on social media. Instead, attempt to communicate with them. Find out what troubles them, what they enjoy doing, and so forth.

Joining relevant Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, or creating your own may provide you with subject ideas. Listen to what others are saying online to get a sense of how they are feeling. As a result, there are numerous issues on which you might create blog entries for your audience.

Tweets reveal how other experts are feeling and what they are thinking. Another alternative is to conduct a search. You can monitor popular search phrases and topics using Tweetdeck. After that, you may further sort the comments using other criteria and develop a better blog article.

You may acquire article ideas from Reddit, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. When you see your audiences there, that is where you can learn more.

Check your blog comments

As a measure of a better blog article, consider Blog commenters as an excellent source of article ideas. Blog postings might be about topics that readers have indicated an interest in learning more about.

You must respond to each comment while also taking notes. The names of blog articles may be derived from the questions they pose. These terms are often searched for on Google, so you may utilize them to generate articles.

Check that you’re not only looking at your own postings. Check out blogs in your profession to see what others are saying. You might be able to find out what your rivals are lacking if you use this information. Your strength will increase if you can fill the void.

Check your competitors

Look for additional material in your field on sites different than those you’ve previously visited. Examine what others are writing about to acquire ideas for new material and unexplored terrain.

This information is critical when employing the Skyscraper Method. A well-known piece of writing can be improved. You may accomplish this by adding additional material, making your entries longer and more descriptive, or improving their appearance. As a result, Google ranks to climb and SEO-friendly content ideas emerge.

Use Google Search Suggestions

When trying to narrow down a large topic, search engine suggestions may be really useful. The answer to this query may be found in our page on keyword research. When you input a search query into Google, it offers terms that are related. Google provides topics for blog posts.

You might be able to figure out what individuals are looking for based on these suggestions.

When the proper search phrases are used, it can be employed.

Google looks for blog content similar to this one. This list may be used to generate blog post titles and keywords. You should be commended since they are significant as well.


Use Google Search Suggestions

Use helpful tools

Technology can be useful at times. There are several tools you may utilize to assist you to come up with new article ideas.

When you ask a question on Google, it searches its database for relevant queries and displays them to you. Search engine queries are really beneficial. Your keyword is used to scan the entire alphabet for additional words that people are looking for.

Use your own stories

A story is an efficient way to keep people’s attention. We can only connect with other people. People become closer when they show vulnerability. Consider your own life if you’re at a loss for words.

help others understand what you’re saying. Furthermore, your tales are unique; no one else has them.

Recent issues

Making headlines may be detrimental to your brand.

Some recent issues could be relevant for both your target market and the public’s image of your company.

Is it even possible to be creative? Yes. Make an effort to find connections between the news pieces you read or watch and your brand.

Discover business events in your area and around the world.

Explain what is going on. Inform them about the event and urge them to sign up.


Update older content

Update older content

You can’t simply forget the past. Please keep the following in mind as well.

Change the headings and write the piece from a new angle.

Assume your company sells mobile apps. How to raise your app’s rating in the app store is not the same as how to boost downloads.

Consider yourself a financial advisor. Nobody had ever thought about retiring before. You may use some of the information in this page to write an article on the best retirement savings techniques.

With the aid of current research, an old post may be brought up to date.

Spare your time to read everything

Reading books and blogs frequently helps us run our businesses and provide new ideas.

It is recommended that you read something new every day in order to gain new ideas for your career.

Be ready anytime to take notes

We are always aware of our locations while we are online. Our team keeps track of our blog using Evernote, text files, and a separate Trello board.

For each new article topic, we create a Trello card.

We document all important facts when performing research for an article. Taking notes is a wonderful way to develop blog post ideas.

This inspires us to rethink our blog post ideas and create new ones, which may include considerable revisions. Each person might have different strategies. But you can consider what experts do. Who knows, it can be helpful for you as well.

Do Keyword Research

Keyword stuffing, in our opinion, is not a component of content marketing.

We are no longer interested in this game since it never ends. The major goals of content marketing are to build relationships and help others.

SEO keyword research is one method for determining what problems your clients are having.

We use this method by beginning with a broad topic. The opportunity to work from home exemplifies this.

Share Your Experiences (Even Small Ones)

Myth: You may only talk about important things on your blog.


If an item is unique, fascinating, and worthwhile to read, it will be read and spread. Many of the subjects we mention on our blogs are daily activities that we hope others may find interesting.

How we deal with issues, unsuccessful A/B testing, and investor updates

For a number of reasons, people are drawn to this sort of writing. You will have an influence on people’s lives if you can make their daily life just a little bit easier.



Share Your Experiences (Even Small Ones)

Repurpose Existing Content Into Different Formats

Many people believe that once you’ve written something, you can never write about it again

Even if that is correct, it is a waste of time and money. Your target market suffers.

Everyone processes material in their own unique manner. People who enjoy lists and slideshows are unlikely to read Your Ultimate Guide to SEO, despite the fact that it might greatly benefit them.

To save time and money, a significant point from one post might be utilized in another.

Its integration has aided me in my personal initiatives as well as customer development, product video onboarding, and testimonial pieces.

Every time you write about a topic and leave something out, you are motivating yourself and your readers.

Let’s say you already have some content in your blogs.

You could turn your articles into videos, audio, slideshows, presentations, magazines, or even podcasts. You know that those mediums have a wide array of platforms. If you do it right, you will also be able to reach out to broader audiences.

Verdict – on how to write a better blog post

You don’t need any particular talents for the first 3 weeks. To write successfully on a blog, you don’t have to be Hemingway or have an MFA.

The majority of the time, consistency influences how effectively a blog article works.

Consider the tips above and you will thank us later.

Oh, here is a question for you… the answer is in this article “Is it better to write long or short blog posts?”

The quality of your writing will help you stand out in a sea of uninteresting websites, blogs, and newspapers.

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