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Article Writing

There is no denying that article writing is an intriguing niche. Besides being a unique way for a writer to express his or her knowledge, opinions, and expertise in writing, it is also a key way to promote an organization’s mission, products, and services.

An article can thus be considered a work of art because it is intended to reach out to an audience and leave an impression on them. In this case, just as a painting will be liked or disliked, so will an article leave an imprint that could be positive or negative.

Needless to say as a writer you will be doing your utmost to ensure that you target as big an audience as possible, and leave a highly positive impact.

That impact should lead the reader to look for more information on the business and what it offers, and one would hope that he or she would be so impressed that a purchase could be made.

Article writing things to consider

Considering all this one can safely state that article marketing is indeed a strong form of advertising and promotion.

So, article writing should be one of the main elements in your advertising campaign. Bear in mind that prior to making a purchase many people decide to look up information on a particular product or service online.

In most cases, the prospective buyer will be willing to devote time to do a thorough search, and then compare and contrast different products or services being sold by different companies.

Specifications, level of quality, prices, and other key elements will be checked and compared. So, if you used well-written content to promote your product or service, most likely that prospective buyers will be coming across and reading it.

Article writing

As such you need to keep this scenario at the back of your mind when writing articles. You need to make sure that the content is informative, interesting, and written in a way that will encourage the reader to make a purchase.

You need to instill a certain level of trust and confidence in the reader that you are experts in this field and that the product or service in question is best bought from you rather than from competitors.

Consequently, article writing can be considered as a very strong online marketing tool. This is indeed a tool that you need to use wisely as it can greatly affect your sales as well as the reputation you build for your business.

Article writing is thus a persuasive method in terms of marketing, but it is also a tool that needs to be used in conjunction with other SEO techniques.

It is a known fact that good SEO is of critical importance for online success.

Search engines will rank your pages by taking into account various factors. The articles that you write need to help in this ranking.

Hence, article writing is also about SEO-friendly articles, which include several keywords that can help greatly in ranking. Besides being rich in keywords and phrases, articles should also include links. All these aspects will count considerably in the success of your articles. So, article writing is not only about writing a generic article on a topic, but rather you should aim to solve a problem or address a commonly asked question.

Through this, you can show you are an expert in that niche, and simultaneously, you would also be promoting your product or service as a way to solve that problem, deal with an issue or improve one’s life in some way.

Readers need to find value in your article. But, you cannot stop there. Yes, you need to bear the reader in mind, but do not forget that your article also needs to do well in SEO.

Search engines are going to be on the lookout for key aspects that make your article stand out among the several other similar articles on that particular topic. So as a writer you need to strike the right balance between an article that is rich in keywords, but also one which is still a pleasure to read.

So, article writing should never be about keyword stuffing as otherwise, it will be too boring to read. This is not that simple and that is why article writing is such an interesting field.

You might be focusing too much on keywords, and reducing the readability of your article. Or on the contrary, you might be placing too much importance on dealing with the topic, but you might not be including that many relevant keywords to make the article SEO friendly.

It is not that simple, and surely it takes experience, and a great deal of work to write truly great articles.

However it is all worthwhile if you do it right as you will be gaining in a myriad of ways, and you also need to consider that this is a form of perpetual marketing as the articles will remain online for the foreseeable future!

So just imagine how many people are going to come across that article, read it, share it, follow a link from it, and much more!

Writing things to consider

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