Best marketing automation tools 2022

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Best Marketing Automation Tools 2022

Marketers value every potential consumer. Why bring two strangers with you if you’re already going? Marketers must attract and gratify clients at every level of the purchasing process in today’s always-on, always-connected environment.

It may be difficult to simplify large or small enterprises in order to produce more money while spending less. Marketing automation is useful in this situation. By automating their people, systems, and processes, businesses may be able to increase productivity and profitability. As administrators’ workload decreases, their return on investment (ROI) increases.

Advertising automation that saves you time. It enhances outcomes, accelerates procedures, and eliminates human errors. Setting objectives, doing research, ensuring brand consistency, and monitoring important performance measures are all examples of strategic tasks.

Sixty-four percent of organizations that utilize marketing automation claim it has increased their profits. The majority of B2B organizations want to employ marketing automation solutions during the next year. What is marketing automation and why is it important?

What is Marketing Automation?

In that it automates marketing chores and personalizes the consumer experience for each individual, the marketing automation system is both proactive and reactive.

Marketing tasks that are performed repeatedly are streamlined, simplified, and reviewed. Lead creation, lead nurturing, customer segmentation, upselling, cross-selling, and assessing return on investment are all methods that may be done automatically.

Social media, email, and the web are increasingly becoming people’s primary points of contact with a firm. Everything a customer does across all channels is tracked by the marketing department.

Marketers may be able to spend more time on critical things by automating tedious processes.

The majority of duties and procedures are viable by digital marketing automation software. Here are some of the best marketing automation tools in 2022.



Users of MobileMonkey may communicate online and send SMS messages using Facebook Messenger. There is an increase in sales as well as an increase in the number of new clients.

MobileMonkey is the greatest solution for conducting large-scale Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. You may use it to create your Messenger contact list, send messages, automate follow-up sequences, and execute a variety of other chatbot-based marketing tasks.

MobileMonkey can be used for a variety of purposes, including lead qualification, directing visitors to the appropriate product, team, or information, collecting lead information on the first contact, holding real-time lead dialogues, and providing a mobile-friendly, cross-device, multi-platform experience.

Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua was the first firm to use marketing automation (later bought by Oracle and renamed Oracle Marketing Cloud).

They began construction in 1999, making them the market’s first large corporation by 11 years.

Their product is among the most potent on the market, but it will set you back at least $2,000 every month. Companies such as American Express, Sony, and LinkedIn can benefit from this innovative concept.

Oracle Eloqua is designed for large enterprises that require dependability and integration with other systems. They offer over 400 applications and platform connectors, making them the most sophisticated marketing automation platform on the market.


Bizible analyzes the effectiveness of B2B marketing campaigns using data from advertisements, machine learning, and user behavior.

The system may be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Marketo, LivePerson, and other applications. Customers may receive credit for their marketing efforts at each level of the funnel when complete funnel analytics are applied.

Discounts may also be available through Bizible’s marketing professionals at important moments in the buyer’s journey. When a company joins an ad network, it may learn more about how different keywords and advertising are performing. Customers may also monitor the success of their offline marketing activities.


LeadSquared is a client acquisition solution that accelerates the process of generating sales funnel leads. The technology assists SMBs in speeding up the lead collection process by automating it, allowing them to create customizable landing pages, and making it easier to obtain leads from numerous sources.

Online conversations and phone calls, text messages sent and received, and so on. Drip marketing, behavioral insights, sales funnel segmentation, and marketing analytics are just a few of the services.

LeadSquared is critical for business growth. This platform can collect leads from a number of offline and online sources, track their progress toward sales readiness, deploy salespeople to leads with the highest chance of becoming customers, and provide thorough information on what is working and what may be improved.

People in marketing and sales utilize LeadSquared. This solution accelerates sales by automating the management, qualification, and scoring of leads. You may check out the tool for 15 days before purchasing a package to see what it can achieve. The service provider is also accessible for assistance and instruction.



HubSpot’s free version outperforms commercial CRMs in many areas. This customer relationship management system aids in marketing, sales, and customer service. It is ideal for companies who wish to modernize their systems for managing client connections. This conclusion is based on extensive study and personal experiences with the product, both positive and negative.

We’ve discovered that HubSpot’s free CRM solution is the finest we’ve come across so far. In principle, most free applications are fantastic, but they cannot help you enhance how you work with clients. There are just too many HubSpot free plan possibilities. A million contacts and dozens of high-tech features are available for free.

Despite the fact that HubSpot is pricey and can perform a lot of things, it is simple to use and comprehend. A large number of features have been added by the developers. The free option is simple to use. CRMs of today frequently have a lot of capability, automation, and can be utilized by anybody. The strength of HubSpot is accomplished without making the UI more difficult to use.

Because the free plan does not include customer assistance, it must be simple to use. We believe you will not require expert assistance. If you’re having difficulties using HubSpot, consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other online tools.


AdRoll’s marketing approach includes display advertisements, emails, social media, and videos. There are two methods to increase your income: selling things and convincing people to buy anything. The data provided by AdRoll illustrate what led a visitor to convert or not convert.

AdRoll promotes your company through a range of channels, including the media and social media.

AdRoll, or advertising roll, might be useful. You could also wish to acquire some positive feedback on Facebook or another social media site. AdRoll’s mission is to give you with excellent solutions to increase the visibility and accessibility of your business.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact, like many of its competitors, promotes itself as the greatest email marketing service. Marketing by social media, email, and text message should be avoided.

Email marketing is straightforward and requires little effort. The Email plan supports up to 10,000 contacts, whilst the Email Plus plan supports up to 50,000 contacts. You will not be successful even if you know a lot of people.

Users may customize many aspects of Email Plus, such as pop-up forms, RSVP forms, polls, and promotions.

After sending a campaign, you may share it on other social networking sites by clicking a button. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (but solely for business pages), and Instagram are examples of social networking platforms (only for Businesses).

Email campaigns and SMS campaigns are not the same thing. You would utilize the EZtexting service to transmit them. To manage text messages, Constant Contact and EZTexting collaborate.


Sendinblue’s email marketing software was designed to help small businesses automate their email marketing.

Sendinblue’s low pricing and extensive feature set (CRM, marketing automation, transactional emails, SMS, landing pages, and Facebook advertisements) indicate that the business aspires to be a significant provider of email marketing software. You may send emails using a WordPress plugin.

Every day, around 175,000 individuals participate and send 100 million emails. This new 2012 business is performing really well.

You may send up to 300 emails each day with a free Sendinblue subscription and get phone assistance, email templates, and automation tools for 60 days. We speed up the process by employing online monitoring and automatic lead assessment. The cost of marketing campaigns is determined by the number of emails sent rather than the number of individuals who receive them. You can get 20,000 emails for $25 each month.




iContact is a simple and effective email marketing tool. iContact is an all-in-one email marketing tool that works well for both novice and seasoned marketers. It includes an easy drag-and-drop email creation interface, helpful data, and smart email automation.

iContact offers both free and paid subscription alternatives. For groups with less than 500 contacts, the Free plan is free, while the Advanced Plan costs $23 per month. Without providing your credit card information, the Free plan(opens in a new tab) allows you to send and receive professionally designed emails with drag-and-drop capabilities and email support.

The Advanced plan includes up to 1,500 contacts and access to additional features. This subscription permits you to send as many emails as you like each month, to automate your marketing, to create landing pages, and to receive assistance by phone, chat, or email. Both advertising events and re-engaging clients are handled automatically in the improved version.

The cost of a subscription is determined by the number of persons that join up. The Advanced plan will cost $65 per month for every 5,000 users. If you have 25,000 contacts, the price is $199. If you have more than 50,000 members, please contact us for a custom price.

iContact is now offering a free Kickbox account. This ensures that the messages are sent to the correct inboxes. Donations to charity are deducted by 20%.


Buzzbuilder is a sales tool that automatically creates leads and referrals. Salespeople may use it to launch cold email campaigns and locate online prospects. According to BuzzBuilder statistics, 80% of sales are made after the sixth attempt, although most salesmen give up before that. You can see who forwarded your emails and who clicked on the links in them.


Mailchimp is an email marketing solution designed specifically for small businesses. The seller believes that increased marketing will help small firms succeed. Mailchimp’s easy, AI-powered solutions are designed to deepen existing customer connections. Mailchimp prioritizes the target demographic, allowing companies to send tailored postcards, automated follow-up messages, landing sites, and promotional emails. Millions of businesses use MailChimp to communicate with their clients. These companies range in size from little stores to large conglomerates. MailChimp began as a company in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001.

Mailchimp has become the epicenter of digital marketing due to its ability to create multichannel campaigns and automate marketing. You can also print a marketing calendar, postcards, landing sites, Instagram and Facebook integration, Google Ads, social sharing, and more.

Mailchimp is an established email marketing service. Mailchimp is a well-known and low-cost online marketing platform. There are strategies and solutions available for a variety of business formats.


Gliffy is a web software that allows users to collaborate and communicate graphically.

Gliffy was designed for enterprises and organizations who manage projects with technologies such as Confluence and Jira.

It’s simple to create diagrams using its pre-set layouts and drag-and-drop capabilities.

This application makes it easy for users to share schematic URLs with one another. With collaborative technology, users may transmit and receive files instantly. As a result of Atlassian’s integration with these two products, visualization features have been introduced to JIRA and Confluence. You may use this service to store data on the cloud and transmit it to other locations. The revision history allows you to observe how the document has evolved over time.



It’s difficult to come up with new ideas all the time. Consider what a successful marketing campaign may achieve for your company.

Every time a prospect reads one of your marketing emails, marketing automation raises your lead score. If the score is higher than the sales threshold, the salesperson can contact the prospect while their previous activities are still fresh in their mind.

The worth of a lead is determined by more than simply whether or not an email was opened. Viewing a pricing page, seeing a demo, engaging in an online debate, and so on may all make a consumer happy.

The sales staff will pay greater attention to leads with better ratings, increasing the likelihood of a transaction being made.

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