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The Marketing Tools Kit that You Must Have | Marketing Tools for Business


Top Marketing Tools that You Should Have

A well-thought-out plan and a team of clever workers cannot be replaced by a content marketing tool, but the right technological stack may help you perform the task more quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Content marketing tools may range in price from free to pricey. They help with content generation, promotion, and optimization, among other things. There is always room for growth in today’s content marketing technology.

No content marketing technology can substitute a well-thought-out strategy and its execution.

Relevant information attracts and maintains customers in any content marketing approach. The goal of content marketing is to utilize content to influence consumer behavior and purchases. This should be included in all of your marketing initiatives.

Using content to produce traffic, leads, and income necessitates being aware of possible stumbling blocks. Due to the tremendous level of competition, you will need to keep marketing your hero content if you want it to rank higher. A detailed plan, including understanding of your target audience and competitors, is required when spreading your content through many media.

In 2022, the following will be the most effective content marketing tools to use.


Using Yoast to increase the visibility of your website is nowadays possible.  This WordPress SEO plugin allows you to view and edit meta descriptions, URL slugs, and suggested internal links. The optimization of your page is shown by red, yellow, and green flags.

Yoast has been downloaded over 9 million times and has a four-and-a-half-star rating in the WordPress app store. This is an excellent addition.


Trello may be used to manage marketing initiatives and activities.

Trello keeps track of all of your team’s projects in one place and can adapt to the demands of your team as they change.

The first thing you’ll need is a way to keep track of how much material is being produced. Especially if you have a large crew or a lot of people that help out on a regular basis.

Trello enables you to manage several tasks and projects at once. We have used this tool for growth experiments, sales funnels, and product roadmaps, among other things.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics

It is important to know about the benefits of managing a business with Google Analytics. It’s great for figuring out who your audience is and keeping track of your website’s statistics.

It is completely free to use and requires no payment. It describes how people arrive onto your website and what they do while there.

It’s important to keep track of your content marketing tools.

Tools like Google Search Console and Ahrefs can help with search engine optimization (SEO). A company’s KPIs must be measured using a digital analytics platform. On the internet, many people utilize Google Analytics. It’s easy to use and completely free. There’s a lot of good things here.

It’s a strong tool if you know how to use it properly. Your application may track when a form is submitted, a transaction is completed, or a user performs anything like scroll down a page.

You have access to this information. It’s only a matter of setting up Google Analytics and copying the code. On its own, Google Analytics collects data from a website.


HubSpot is a well-known content marketing platform that offers complete marketing solutions. HubSpot makes live chat, prospect tracking, meetings, and email marketing possible. Emails may be scheduled using this CRM feature.

HubSpot provides web analytics and insights to help you satisfy your site’s visitors. There are no ties attached. Monthly premiums start at $45.


You’ve got everything from AnswerThePublic.

On the website, you may also find question patterns. You may read questions regarding your topic by selecting a region and language. This section addresses the “WH” inquiries (why, when, how, what, which).

It’s like a road plan for writing requests. Free access to restricted areas is subject to limitations. $99/month.


BuzzSumo can assist you in determining current events, hot themes, and niche markets. It displays a domain’s or keyword’s traffic and content. You may use this tool to see how your competitors address a certain issue. Optimize your content for your industry to increase its visibility.

Analyzing your content with domain reports and content analysis reports is a good way to uncover areas for development. A free 30-day trial period. Plan prices start at $99 per month.


Hootsuite is a social media management platform. HootSuite is an excellent tool for managing social media profiles. HootSuite tracks 35 distinct social media identities. It is possible to schedule social media posts.

HootSuite helps you to monitor the content of your competitors. To establish a content marketing strategy, compare your social media platforms to those of your competitors. A free 30-day trial period. The cost of these programs begins at $39 per month.


Canva is a website that offers a variety of marketing tools. Putting together marketing materials is a time-consuming task.

Even non-designers can make infographics for print, social media, and their own blogs using Canva’s easy interface. If you can’t find a good stock photo, you can always make your own.

Canva is an excellent tool to do that. Canva does not require any prior design experience. Despite my lack of drawing talent, Canva helps me to make good designs. It’s for regular people like you and me.

This application makes creating pictures for social media, blog headers, Twitter headers, and other uses a breeze. You may either start from scratch or use a model as a starting point. You may use Canva to rearrange things if you wish.

Marketing Hub

For centralized resource management in content marketing. Expansion of your firm is straightforward when you use HubSpot’s tools and processes. HubSpot provides content marketing services for free.

Build a growth machine with HubSpot’s world-class CMS, industry-leading marketing automation technologies, and free CRM. As a company grows, so does HubSpot’s content marketing solution.

HubSpot provides products for sales and customer service. It’s possible that it’s the ground control for your organization.


Customers may have a website up and running in minutes thanks to the easy-to-use templates. It is compatible with several plug-ins to help you produce your best work. WordPress is the most widely used content management system. WordPress powers 39.5 percent of all websites, according to Search Engine Journal.

WordPress is a fantastic tool to use at the start and finish of any content marketing campaign. WordPress is an open-source, hosted content management system. Self-hosting and are both viable options. Your website may be tailored to your business, blog, portfolio, or online store thanks to WordPress’ plugin architecture and template system. Bloggers like how easy it is to personalize.



Google Docs

Use Google Docs to sell your business. The best use cases are collaboration and content editing.

It is widely used, simple to use, and free. Google Docs is the only word processor that can compete with it in terms of usability. For content marketers, Google Docs is akin to a kitchen: it is where everything is finished before to the final presentation.

We are rooting for any content marketers that use Google Docs to write blogs. Because it is straightforward and enjoyable to use, we feel it is the ideal tool for teamwork!

Click the “Share” button to send papers to other team members. You may allow people editing abilities and read their thoughts by using “suggestions” and “comments.”

Google Docs may be uploaded to a content management system (CMS). HubSpot handles this for you. Wordable is advantageous to WordPress users.

There are no hidden costs or downsides to utilizing Google Docs.


Grammarly reduces my grammatical mistakes by 50 to 80%. Grammarly keeps us from feeling self-conscious while I’m writing blog posts, social media posts, and forum comments. They provide a free plugin for Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is a familiar brand for marketers. This software is ideal for photo editing and design. Photoshop comes with a variety of tools. Use this design tool to give your things a more professional appearance while also allowing you to be more creative.

Is it possible to work as a graphic designer and develop your own photographs?

In the world of photography, Photoshop is the industry standard. It’s never been easier to edit photographs and create lessons for social media, blogs, and screen shots. Photoshop skills may go a long way. Organizations and marketing teams may use Photoshop to generate their own images and content.

Adobe Photoshop



Content creators may use Mention to keep an eye on the news and listen to what’s being said on social media. This method includes learning more about your brand, product, industry, competitors, and opinion leaders. Material managers with access to this information may identify what is popular and relevant among their competitors.

Mention examines over a billion web pages to see what people are saying about a certain topic and where they are saying it. This tool may be used to see what other people are saying about your firm on the internet.

You can get information out quickly because technology allows folks to cooperate. Filters and spike notifications may assist you in keeping track of certain events. You may understand how people feel about a company or product by using sentiment analysis and auto-tagging.

You may track and send one alert for up to 1,000 mentions with the free plan. Solo, Pro, and ProPlus are the three pricing categories.


Individuals may use SEMrush’s Content Marketing Platform to help them create and share content. It assists in the creation of a data-driven content strategy that is targeted at a certain audience.

Using SEMrush’s Content Monitoring Platform, your SEO team may find trending topics, headlines, and searches (CMP). It allows the marketing team to connect easily with one another and gives them a central area to track their progress.

CMP offers practical advice on how to improve your site depending on your competitors’ search results. The usage of this Google Docs add-on satisfies both SEO best practices and what consumers expect.

Each membership comes with a 7-day trial period to allow you to try out the platform’s features. SEO, competitive research, PPC, and social media monitoring are all possible with SEMrush.

The monthly fee for Pro is $199.95. The Guru and Business plans both cost $229.95 a month.


The majority of content marketing strategies rely on the fruitful collaboration of your company’s employees. Hiver’s customer service software lets you run your sales and customer support operations directly from Gmail.

This might be a game changer for content marketers, especially if it removes the need to send the same email again and over. Hiver may be used to create email templates for Google Suite. The Hiver email template may be saved in folders using the WYSIWYG editor.

You may quickly and simply send pre-written email templates to specific recipients by using Gmail’s “Compose” box.

Hiver is an email collaboration application that prevents team members from making inappropriate remarks. You no longer have to sift through your email to find sent messages.

Hiver comes in three flavors: Lite, Pro, and Elit. Lite costs $15 per month, Pro $39 per month, and Elite $59 per month.


BuzzSumo is a well-known platform for content marketing. This is about an online platform that links you with significant people in your profession and makes it easier to find and share relevant stuff.

Content selection is simplified with BuzzSumo’s keyword-driven curating.

This will greatly benefit your content marketing strategy. Depending on audience figures, your content delivery tactics may need to be rethought.

You may need to start from scratch in terms of implementation and strategy to recreate your approach. Change management can help to encourage the development of new team tools and practices. Use BuzzSumo to create a new content strategy that includes updated KPIs and new concepts.

BuzzSumo evaluates content depending on its social media engagement (Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest). It’s a standard technique to come up with content ideas for your newly defined target.


It is possible to use GetResponse to send emails, build websites, run sponsored campaigns, and establish sales funnels. This is a wonderful resource for tracking website traffic and hosting on-demand webinars.

GetResponse is a great example. While GetResponse’s free Content Marketing tools may be used by your content team, some sophisticated capabilities are only available to premium users.

GetResponse provides three levels of service to its countless customers.

Your attention is drawn to the free plan. Premium plans get more expensive as the number of customers grows. The monthly fees range between $19 and $539. Plus has a monthly price range of $59 to $599. A Professional Plan costs between $119 and $599 per month.

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