How to do linkbuilding the right way

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How to Do Linkbuilding the Right Way


In order to increase the trustworthiness of search results, Google has been vocal about the kind of connections it despises. They raised the standard to guarantee that everyone had the finest possible experience.

In 2022, external variables and connection development will be ranking considerations. Prioritize the creation of high-quality backlinks at all times. A backlink is a connection that connects two websites. Backlinks to a website must be of high quality and quantity. SEOs that want to climb Google’s search engine results pages frequently obtain more backlinks (SERPs).

The Bad Links

According to our study and expertise, Google considers sorts of low-quality links extremely annoying.

Linkbuilding: Directory links

Internet users used to have to go to the website and get directory links from the database in order to find a website; however, this is no longer necessary. Nobody has any SEO value because anyone may add their website to the linkbuilding system or database. This jeopardizes the process of building organic links.

Using content directories for search engine optimization is a waste of time and money. In an article directory, webmasters can submit and distribute content that does not necessarily promote their own websites. Backlinks are not guaranteed by submitting your website to low-quality directories. The website you select should be relevant to the topic of your article.

Linkbuilding: Missing backlinks

Backlinks might vanish for a variety of causes. Webmasters may remove your links, websites may go offline, or pages may be erased. Ahrefs, for instance, can help you locate missing links.

This tool can help you identify missing referring URLs or backlinks. In the Lost Backlinks report, you can see which page previously had a link to it.

You can try to locate misplaced objects. You may desire to inquire with the webmaster as to why a backlink to your website was removed from a blog piece. It’s conceivable that your page is out of date or that it returns a 404 error. Refresh your content and take advantage of this opportunity to ask webmasters to reconnect with you. You could also use another SEO tool that has the same features to help you find the missing links.

Links from other countries with no relevance

Google is always attempting to make its search engine more user-friendly. Google favors websites that cater to a certain country or area. Foreign connections in a different language had no influence on the operation of your website previously. Google’s revised algorithm has rendered these connections less useful. If a hyperlink from a Chinese website includes external anchor text in English, a search engine will consider it improper.

Google will filter out links from nations where you do business. For instance, Links to your website from Japanese-language websites were beneficial. Building links is no longer as successful as it once was. The same is true for American corporate websites. Attempt to gain backlinks from websites in the chosen nation or region.

Many people engage in this habit unknowingly. Connecting to a foreign website that has nothing to do with your business will have no influence on your website.

Not enough numbers of referral domains

According to Google, referral domains are more important than referring pages. Despite earning ten connections through guest blogging, only one referring website is considered.

In the 2000s, these activities gave birth to link directories and link farms. When you lead readers to the other website, it will immediately include links to yours on all of its pages.

To examine the percentage of your inbound links to connected websites and referring domains, use Google Search Console’s link report.

To make things easier, avoid receiving links from the same websites frequently. Rather than collecting links from link farms or PBNs, focus on connecting with webmasters.

Slow linkbuilding

Creating a link in a single day is much different than creating a relationship over time. The link velocity of your website is the rate at which it collects backlinks. The more links you lose, the fewer people will trust your website. If you make a lot of connections rapidly, Google may suspect you’re involved in illegal conduct.

Seo tools can help you track the progress of your linkbuilding. Or, you could hire SEO expert to help you with it.

Links from irrelevant sites

These backlinks are plentiful and simple to obtain. Many people can get links from unrelated websites. They usually have no influence on your website. If Google detects irrelevant connections on your website, it will almost certainly punish it.

Make use of the material of others to build your own link profile. Using Google’s search engine, you may determine the relevancy of a website to your business.Slow linkbuilding

Linkbuilding: False anchor text

When attempting to obtain backlinks to your website, avoid using bogus anchor text. Consider the following scenario: a link to “angler tips” leads to a landing page about junk food. If you put yourself in your reader’s shoes, that would be a disappointing one.

The scenario above does not only upset the readers, but also the search engine. There is a possibility that Google will find and punish your website. To prevent getting fined, use appropriate anchor text. Google can help you determine how relevant the anchor text is to your website.

Links from low-quality websites

Backlinks from low-quality websites are almost always bad. Because their primary goal is search engine optimization, these websites provide very little to their users. Errors, idiocy, and intrusive ads abound on websites like this one. If you link to your site from low-quality websites, Google may punish you.

Linkbuilding from authoritative websites to avoid being penalized. The PageRank function of Google may be used to evaluate the quality of a website. Mozbar and Ahrefs can be used to assess a website’s quality.

Strategies to make Google love your site

Google hates unethical linkbuilding. Here are the tips you could consider to make Google and other search engines love your site or blog.

Don’t buildlinks inclusively

Using this initial strategy, you’ll learn more about what to avoid.

Inexperienced webmasters may rush to build as many links as possible without considering the quality of the connections or the procedure by which they are created.

Before you begin your linkbuilding efforts, you should have a clear notion of the outcomes you want to achieve.

  • What do you want to achieve with this project?
  • Which sources would you suggest I look into?

In the long run, a few modest, highly valuable backlinks outperform a vast number of useless ones.

Focus on high DA sites than lower DA sites

Google examines the quality of backlinks as well as their number.

The domain authority of a website can be used to verify its authenticity (DA).

The amount of authoritative links referring to a domain enhances its Domain Authority (DA).

As a result, connecting to a high-DA website is preferable to linkbuilding to a low-DA website. Because high-DA sites produce more traffic on their own, they have a greater chance of sending viewers your way through a referral link.

Pair your relevant links with high-quality content

Contextualized links can be beneficial for your blog or site. A long URL in a forum remark will not be seen since it is neither useful nor natural.

A link put in a well-written piece, on the other hand, is a different story. When linkbuilding, emphasize the material that holds the link as well as the context that supports its placement. Your linkbuilding plan will fail if you do not have a solid base of high-quality content.

Linkbuilding to other high-quality sites

Links to additional credible websites should be included in the body of your article. This will entice users to read your content. More crucially, because it increases the authority of your brand, it increases the possibility that others will link straight to your site while conducting research on this issue. It’s an excellent strategy for capturing the attention of authors and academics who utilize the internet.

Get new domains for new links

The value of links pointing to other websites in the same domain decreases as more websites connect to them.

Although a 78-DA website is an excellent source of authority for your site, the second link you develop there will have minimal impact on your site’s authority.

In general, linkbuilding on a new website is advantageous, even if its DA is slightly lower.

In other words, a link on a newly created 55-DA site will outperform a link on an existing 55-DA site.

Even if you aren’t acquiring authority, adding new links to domains that already connect to you may boost your brand’s exposure and may drive additional referral traffic your way.

Utilize the effective social media

You may strengthen your connection by incorporating in-text links to other high-quality websites in your work (and be positively regarded by your audience). This increases the possibility that others will connect straight to your site if and when they conduct their own research on the subject, as well as giving your brand a more authoritative impression. In other words, it’s a terrific way for academics and authors to get acknowledged online.

Research topics first before keywords

No one will read what you’ve written if it’s crammed with numbers that can be used as references because they won’t know where to look for it.

Use social media to your advantage in this war. When you have a large number of subscribers, you can easily make your work available to hundreds or even thousands of individuals for free. While you’re at it, interact with your present audience and try to get new followers to boost the impact of your next postings.

Create onsite pages

Finding and prioritizing target keywords and keyword phrases consumes the majority of SEO novices’ strategic work. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this “anchor text” strategy (see our “anchor text” section).

The issue here is that since the Hummingbird update (and subsequent upgrades) apply semantic search capabilities rather than looking for information that has an exact word match to the search query, Google strives to interpret the user’s request and identify on-topic content.

As a result, in addition to doing keyword research, you should think about and investigate higher-level themes and keyword families. Linkbuilding makes it simple to boost a website’s domain and page authority. For the best results, focus on connecting to your most visited sites.

If you link to any guidelines or research you may have, your brand will benefit in a variety of ways. Do not keep linking to the same website; doing so may appear suspicious.Work with the right SEO agency

Work with the right SEO agency

Working with an expert linkbuilding company has several advantages. Linkbuilders strive to establish long-term connections with the media by using high-quality content and links. Despite their high prices, they deliver a fantastic return on investment since they have access to more resources and professionals than you have (ROI). Make certain that the SEO business you’re dealing with is reliable and that you’ve thoroughly researched their method. If you operate an SEO firm, being a white-label SEO reseller may make sense.

Evaluate the metrics

An effective strategy’s indicators go beyond domain and page authority. Track the quantity of referral traffic generated by each of your links to see which publications produce the most direct traffic. Links you build with other websites can frequently compensate for a publisher’s poor DA. When additional indications are seen, the image will become more complete. Consider direct and organic website traffic, as well as keyword rankings.

Guest posting / blogger outreach

If the readers of another blogger would be interested in your material, ask them to link to it. Requests for links, shares, and comments may help your website as well as your business. Even if they do not initially link to your website, there is a chance that they will. Backlinks are more likely to be produced if your content is of good quality.

However, there are a number of untrustworthy emails in circulation. Even though many bloggers despise letters seeking links, they are an important tool for developing contextual ties with target domains.

Make your email marketing communications more personal. Each recipient should get a tailored email outlining how you can help. You’re not making a huge deal out of it, in my opinion.

This email outreach to bloggers is quite beneficial. You must include this in your strategic list.

Join bloggers community

Connecting groups using social media sites such as Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn is beneficial. Link exchanges benefit content marketers.

These tools have the potential to treble your organic traffic, boost your website’s AHREF domain authority, assist it in ranking for certain keywords, and persuade more unique websites to send users to your site.

Create fresh and unique content

Content providers should be worried about concerns other than plagiarism. How prevalent is plagiarism today?

Producing content that is ten times better than what is already accessible develops a loyal following that can be quantified using a number of measures and identified using KYC.


Patience and persistence are the most effective link-building strategies for creating content that is ten times better than the competition. Linkbuilding campaigns that prioritize quality over quantity may make it simpler to reach your target audience.

In order to increase the trustworthiness of search results, Google has been vocal about the kind of connections it despises. They raised the standard to guarantee that everyone had the finest possible experience.

In 2022, external variables and connection development will be ranking considerations. Prioritize the creation of high-quality backlinks at all times. A backlink is a connection that connects two websites. Backlinks to a website must be of high quality and quantity. SEOs that want to climb Google’s search engine results pages frequently obtain more backlinks (SERPs).


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