Terms and Conditions

  • No religious, erotic, pornographic, abusive, gambling, drugs, weapons, or illegal content permitted.
  • Sole legal responsibility pertaining to the content of articles remains with the creator/user.
  • Management of inactive accounts permitted – update/remove articles.
  • Article content may not violate jurisdictional laws or Community standards.
  • Unused credits do not roll over to a subsequent period and will expire.
  • Only unique (Copyscape proof) written articles may be submitted.
  • Articles must contain at least 300 words (2000 characters).
  • Articles must include at least 1 image.
  • Maximum 4 link references per article content.
  • Keyword Spamming (repeating the same words) is not permitted.

Duplicate content check with Copyscape.com

  • Every article submitted will be checked by Copyscape.com.
  • Any article deemed duplicate/plagiarised/spun will be rejected.
  • Subsequent re-submissions will incur a cost of 1 extra credit.
  • We recommend utilizing copyscape.com prior to all article submissions.

Violation of our terms may result in :

  • Removal of items without an ad rate refund
  • Suspension of a user account.
  • Limit functionalities.

Examples of violations of the Terms and Conditions and/or the policy are :

  • Repeatedly submitting Articles within the wrong niche, category, or language.
  • Keyword spam or stuffing (repeating the same words)
  • Submitting an erotic, abusive, gambling, drug, or illegal text
  • Content with a website linking to websites that violate our policies.
  • Text prohibited by law is offered, as are suspicious objects and services.
  • Articles that infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Users whose actions lead to repeated complaints